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New Paypal Vat?

Hello i just noticed that when i want to buy a gig it gave me $0.90 Vat so total = $5.90 for one gig.

Am i the only one ?

Fiverr now adds VAT to buyers from Israel.

if it’s for Israel only, that’s racist…

It is still not understood why ONLY citizens from israel has to pay VAT. it sucks to be an israeli once again Especially when it comes from an israeli based company like fiverr

Fiverr is an Israeli based company which probably by law is supposed to collect taxes on sales to Israeli residents, even online. Do you think this doesn’t happen elsewhere? I live in the U.S. It happens here, although the laws vary from state to state. As time has passed and the internet seems to not be a passing fad, more governments are passing laws to stop losing tax revenue on online sales.

Does anyone knows where the invoice is?

I couldn’t find it, and couldn’t claim the VAT back.

Can’t you just print your order summary? That’s what I do if I want a physical receipt for an online purchase.

Reply to @ohadranen: The same…

Reply to @kjblynx:

In normal I buy product from someone not located in Israel, and no reason to pay Israeli VAT. And what happens if I use VPN connection? or buy something then I’m in travel?

The only money paid directly to fiverr is 5% fee (here they can add vat, and it should be included in price).

And last in Israel all prices include VAT, this mean GIG price already include it, why should I pay 17% above?

So, you are saying that in Israel, you have no idea how much you are paying for the VAT because it’s included in the price?