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New phone Number and location

Hello guys,

I created my account during a world travel and now I’m back to Germany

How can I change my phone number and my location now?

I will stay in Germany for a while now and received my first order 2 days ago.

Before I start I want to ensure the payment will go through

Thanks a lot!!

Best regards!


I think there are provision for that.
Just contact CS they will direct you more on that.

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What happens if I lose my phone or need to change my number?

You may change your number from your profile settings at any time.

The above is from here:

How do I change my country?

Your account location is set based on your current geographical location, and is updated periodically. If the system is able to change your account location, it will be changed automatically. We are not able to manually change it for you.

We recommend that you try logging out and back into your Fiverr account, and then checking your account location again.

The above is from here:

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: