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New policies fiverr should need to adopt

on fiverr there are many new sellers and buyers sign in on fiverr but most of the buyers prefer top sellers who are working on fiverr from many years and their prices are almost same as new seller so in this its very difficult to sustain as a new seller only very few survive this phase. i think every year fiverr should reset the progress of all sellers and remove all of their ratings and everyone start as new on fiverr so everyone should get equal chances and this help in equal distribution of capital among freelancers and it will attract more buyers and seller which will bring more traffic and it is also beneficial for fiverr in long term as it will help them to increase their revenue to many folds and also it motivates all others sellers and fiverr can provide more quality services for everyone need and it will also promote friendly competition and help fiverr to rule out non performing GIGS and not like who have thousands of review taking aways majority of buyers and only very few percentage of buyers left for majority of new sellers.

what you think about this also correct me if you doesn’t like that or you want to modify it little


I think it is a horrible idea! Imagine if it was YOU who had thousands of feedback, worked your behind off for years here, started out with $5 Gigs and then some “socialist” comes along and thinks that working hard should NOT be rewarded and that the “wealth should be shared”?

Uh, nope. It isn’t any sellers fault here who IS successful and has worked hard to get where they are that some new seller cannot get their footing. It is a FREE market - capitalism - everyone has a chance to do well - those who have something worthy to offer and do a good job will rise in the rankings here as well as gain feedback in the thousands.

Motivation comes from within, not from some site “leveling the playing field”. If a freelancer doesn’t have what it takes to survive here, they will fall by the wayside.

Besides, we have a monthly review here where people who have been TRS, Level 2 or Level 1 lose their badge and drop down due to either poor performance or other things - so, even those who have thousands of reviews can fall if they do not maintain their stats.

So, nope, I am not for socialism and “spreading the wealth”. LOL



you mean that if a new seller not capable to make a difference so put the seller (that struggle and gain rating) down to make equal…:thinking::thinking: does it make sense…


Oh, and my prices are nowhere near what new sellers charge, so that isn’t a good excuse. Those who have been here a decent amount of time and ARE good at what they do SHOULD be charging what they feel they are worth. If someone wants to only peruse $5 offerings, I am not even in their cross hairs.



:laughing: My best part is how you have used the word “socialist”:laughing: . Well , I stand with you, there is no point of resetting someone’s effort to zero after effort and dedicated time.


Fiverr is not and never will be a socialist site.




Terrible idea that would demotivate every hard-working seller, and leave only the incompetent ones who think that they’re entitled to the things they haven’t earned.

Instead of trying to come up with a way to take away from those who have worked hard to get where they are today, try to improve your services so that someone wants to buy from you.

For example, in your writing gig, you promise no plagiarism, but copy parts of gig descriptions of other sellers. Why would someone want to buy from a seller who steals from other sellers? Or do you think that it’s a perfectly fine thing to do, that you should be free to take parts of gig descriptions of other sellers, just like you want to take a part of their earnings?


Maybe Elon Musk can leave his door open for you so you can be equal directing partner of Space X. Or maybe you can run Tesla while he is away.

See how rediculas I sound :smile: socialist lol rites001


Well, aren’t we glad Fiverr is not a socialist/communist website! :pray: :wink:

This is, imo, a ridiculous concept. Neither Fiverr nor the sellers on Fiverr are running a charity here. You need to EARN your capital by yourself. Sure, it must have been a little easier when this platform was at its infancy. But that doesn’t justify the need for implementation of a socialist system.

This is incorrect. Resetting seller levels and sellers’ overall ratings/reviews to zero is going to REDUCE traffic on this website as buyers will NO LONGER be able to identify established sellers they would like to work with… It will be like groping in the dark for them… not knowing what kinda seller they’re gonna get. I am sure no buyer would want to put themselves through that ordeal.

There is already plenty of competition on Fiverr. No one is stopping you from performing your best and marketing your gigs to prospective buyers. In the end, the only things that matter are the skills that you possess (technical expertise/marketing skills/communication skills, etc). If you have these requisite skills needed to succeed, you’re going to have buyers queuing up… waiting to purchase from you… even if you aren’t a leveled seller with hundreds/thousands of reviews.

@steve_maxell Happy Cake Day (AKA forum-a-versary)! :wink:


Like every other said: “It is terrible idea”

Every level 1, level 2 or TRS were new and they all manage to work their way up. You need to work your way up from beginning as well. Would be fair to any other successful seller who worked for years on Fiverr to gain reputation to start from beginning again?

And would you really think that you would get more jobs if Fiverr reset every seller level to new seller? You would probably complain that you are on xx page on search and wanted to be on page 1…

There is no easy way to get work. You need to stand from the crowd so people can see you.


This is amazingly horrible idea!!!

Though you are not the first one to come up with it. We saw other sellers proposing the same, and you know what? All of them had copy pasted descriptions or images stolen from other sellers.
(And as @catwriter pointed out you are not different from them)

We all were starting once, and we worked our a*s hard to earn what we have right now.

We already do. A lot of new seller were complaining and now fiverr giving a boost and more visibility to new sellers. The fact is that only 1 out of 100 sellers using that chance properly.

Why would some one agree for that? I don’t mean only sellers, if I’m a buyer I want to chose the best if the best not someone who got assigned to me just because he also want to earn some money.

Those kind of services where new sellers like you stealing someone’s work? No thank you.

On the other note: it’s all up to you how hard you are going to work to get your clients and what steps you’ll take. It all depends on you and not only on fiverr. Invest YOUR time in YOUR business because no else will do it for you. Don’t hope for a magic pill or that one day jobs will be equally distributed so you can get your money without moving a finger.

But in general we saw a lot of sellers with this mindset and most of them failed.


It’s what I want to say, absolutely right :+1:


I got many orders when I created my new fiverr account. :grin:



you guys depicted me as ugly socialist who are hungry for power :rofl::rofl::rofl:but as a personal i hate socialism it was just an random quote

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YES!!! This is the best idea ever!
Perhaps we should also find a way to make every person totally equal so perhaps everyone could start speaking in bad broken English. That should level the field! How about anyone with a skill has to pretend like they are beginners again? That’s going to help others to compete! This makes so much sense that it should be implemented immediately as there is no other solution to the problem of incompetent people wanting to get work on Fiverr.

Or maybe we are wrong @rites001, maybe it is up to the new sellers to learn to communicate and have useful skills? Come to think of it, that would make more sense actually…

What a nonsense statement this is!
Firstly, everyone does have equal chances - some take their chances, some don’t.
How would equal distribution of capital attract buyers? Nonsense
It might attract sellers but only the type of lazy rubbish sellers that buyers complain about all the time. Any half decent seller would leave.
So basically Fiverr would end up being a site full of Mek-Sells all spamming each other asking for jobs and having no buyers.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea! Maybe there should be a site made like that, a site that is promoted as this socialist Nirvana for sellers where they will get work and pay no matter how useless they are. We can create false articles and youtube videos talking about how “I earned $50 by being useless and doing nothing on Skiverr.con” and that will get all the Mek-Sells away from Fiverr making Fiverr better.
Now that plan could perhaps help increase Fiverr revenue many folds.

O/T note about .con sites

Note: Skiverr.con is not a real site. The .con domain name is a campaign I have started to make it necessary that all scam and fake sites have to be .con instead of anything else. Please support this idea by donating at eoinsretirementfund.con
Thank you


OP your suggestion made me so mad I can’t even… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And this is not appropriate for here:

nor is this:

in personal i hate socialists

We are not allowed to make political comments like this.

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Yeah there are lot of freelancers who outsource work on very cheap on others sites and some â– â– â– â– â–  ask for free samples like 100 words and most of them agree for this especially the new sellers and they just combine all those sample and sell that it hiegher price I also met many scamers like that

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Besides all the aforementioned reasons (I’m not giving up my years of hard work to get where I am now!), this would be a horrible idea for buyers, too. They wouldn’t be able to find quality people easily, which would give the general public an even worse impression of this platform than already exists.