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New Pop-Up Seen by Buyers?


I’m not sure if anyone has posted about this. I just saw it when contacting a seller that I might want to buy from. I know sellers have sometimes hoped for the chance to post off-hours and such. I see some up sides and down sides. If there is an active thread on this, let me know. So, after I wrote a question to the seller who is in an opposite timezone and clicking send I got this:

Nighttime! It's about time!

A functional update to go with the 47 year glitch!


Now I wonder what fiverr regards as nighttime obviously.


As far as I can tell, it’s based on the IP address of the seller. The seller I chose was definitely in a timezone where it was day in my region but night in his. This should be beneficial for sellers who work in the area listed on their profiles and work daytime hours. (I don’t know if night time starts at midnight or what, that would be interested to know.) For sellers who work during the night and don’t use the online feature I suppose this might work against them? Sellers who fake their locations might also be adversely affected.


Its not that new. Probably a month ago and yes its useful…


@saddu_writer Since you’ve seen it for awhile, what else can you tell about it? What does it display in other circumstances like daytime/online, daytime/offlline or nightime/online? Do you know that time reference it uses to determine day/night?


That’s worrying if it’s making that call for sellers automatically. I know there are sellers like @emmaki and @djgodknows at least who stay up at night in their region to work to the hours most of their sellers come from. I wonder if buyers would just decide to go elsewhere straight away?


Recipient’s local time.


As it says nighttime and seller is offline I suppose it won´t call while we are online.


@djgodknows Yes, that’s what I assumed, but what I wonder is, what time of day does Fiverr consider night? Does it count night at midnight to 6AM or midnight to 8AM or what?

I’m thinking it might not display at all if the seller is “online” like @miiila suggested, but I’d be curious to know the details.


Correct. It uses a set time to to consider :crescent_moon: sundown and a set time to consider sun up :sunny: that’s all.

Lemme see if I can find an example.

This is 2 am india

what is the exact time for sunrise and sunset can only be figured out by having one of us stay offline for 2 -3 hours and the rest of us check what icon is being shown… :grin:

This is Australia
So at least it is before 8 am


I guess @djgodknows explained it really well. That was what I was going to say. Also when the person is offline during daytime, it simply says “Message sent”. Same for Online status and also it shows online at the left side. That’s what I have figured about it…


@djgodknows, @saddu_writer Interesting. So, essentially, if you work hours after approximate sunset you’d have to set your status as online or buyers may assume you aren’t around. For me as a buyer, I’m usually not looking for urgency. As a seller, I guess it depends on how slow my sales are but if I needed more and I was up anyway, I might switch status to online. If sales are normal I probably still wouldn’t use the status feature at all.


That is an excellent question.
From the moment I wake up till i go to sleep (which is 5/6am my time) I keep Fiverr as online.

So the question would be, if I somehow not keep Fiverr online, will my sender see me as sleeping? between the hours of sun down and 7am?

Unless the message notifications in the pop-up has further defined sleep time as only after 10pm?

That would be one heck of a code/algorithm though… you would really need to keep track of time, am/pm and further segmentation of dinner time, sleep time, breakfast time, nap time, dance time, etc… lol

Novel idea tho, if it truly was implemented… :sunglasses:


Kinda cool. Wish I could personalize it to say things like, “Your seller is watching his favorite TV show and asked not to be disturbed.”


If I’m offline at night I’m around but took a break and will return shortly. I am available most nights.