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New Portfolio feature For Content Writers - Buy Why?

Can someone tell me how a content writer can use this “Add Portfolio Sample” feature? This is yet another unnecessary and pretty much unreasonable update.

if anyone has any idea how a content writer can use this, please share cause I truly have no idea.

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You can just take as screenshot of your writing and upload it along with everything else you need to deliver. I think it’s as necessary for writers as it is for anyone else, buyers can see right there on your gig page the work you’ve done for others and the reviews, just like for other services (design, videos, VO and so on).


I can actually see the practical advantages of this.

On a portfolio site I use, I stopped uploading actual samples and instead started uploading screenshots of material published on some of my client’s websites. This works great as it stops people stealing your work and shows people that your work is of real value. Also, since I complement writing with video and images, this feature will benefit my service.


I have just seen this new feature.
I think this can be interesting to show what you did and for whom ( though I know it’s difficult to deliver a jpg file for a text !).
If you know what is the website of your client, you can put a screenshot of his home page. But what will the buyer think about receiving an image of his home page in the deliver ? Perhaps you can put the image, explain him why you put the image and ask him if he accepts to show this image in your portfolio.

Does somebody know if Fiverr ask buyers if they want to show there material in a seller’s portfolio ? Can they refuse ?

@cyaxrex Exactly, it’s much harder to steal texts from a watermark image. I imagine someone would have to spend so much time retyping they might even learn something in the process.

@carineb Yes, Fiverr allows buyers to decide whether or not to show the delivered material. I’ve often refrained from sending certain samples if I though the buyer might not approve of others seeing their purchase, and I think allowing buyers to choose is essential for this feature, although that means we won’t be getting as many samples as we’d like shown on our gig page. I usually have 65-70% review rate, and I expect only around half at best to actually agree to include the sample when they leave a review.

Writers were able to do this before as well by including an image or a PDF in their delivery messages, but I think not many knew they could do this and it’s great that now they’ll get a reminder every time they deliver.

May be pick one of your previous jobs, a short one, or a few paragraphs. Highlight the first sentence of each paragraph, and hide the rest.
Whatever just show your grammar and some terms you use, let people smell your style.

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Is this new feature only in the “delivery” stage as per the screen shot?

Pick a couple pieces of work you think are great, and save them as a pdf. Deliver that way, and buyers can see it in your portfolio. I think it is a great way to show work. I would not do it for every delivery.

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But here’s the thing, I don’t think any buyer would be comfortable for having content they paid for being shown on the profile.

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Instead of an image of the article, use an image which describes the article, length, subject, special requirements etc.
Check out the post and video here by TRS and Ambassador @twistedweb123 that gives really great ideas for using the portfolio feature. I swear, I will start doing it myself one of these days.


Just for example, can cut different paragraphs from different topics. Or just create some new paragraphs base on different topics. Guess not very hard for writers.

Include a screenshot of your work my dude