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New Portrait Concept Artwork has been added on the Gig! (Update)

You can now order a gig on concept artwork based on your character ideas.

What you will receive:

  • High quality resolution in 4K or 1080p desktop version or poster concept artwork.

  • This is a science fiction concept artwork, you can request for your project, whether you want the artwork for your new book, book chapters, game, comic, card deck, etc.

  • Good quality retro or modern artwork video game character design for Twitch and YouTube gaming content.

  • High quality 300dpi comic book inks illustration with character design if you like the artwork similar to the Marvel or DC Comics style based on your ideas! The package with or without comic metro frame. Or just single figure character like a card deck concept artwork with or without background environment/scene in colors!

  • Before place an order: Please upload any reference images or your sketch drawing ideas via “Requirements” process before I can continues creating a beautiful illustration/concept artwork you want to bring it to life! Please fill out instructions with what you want your character look like, hairstyle, male or female, clothing style, with or without type of weapon the character is holding.

Concept art can be purchase with commercial use for your game, movie, music cover, book cover/chapters, or card deck.

Here is the example portrait concept artwork of a model done on a Wacom Cintiq 13HD painting with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018. You will be receive the same quality of the image at the bottom based on your character ideas you wanted me to create from your reference image, or character drawing!

NOTE: Please report the artwork to Fiverr Customer Support if you come across any seller’s who are using my artwork based on my “Goddess of Nebula” concept artwork in their gig for example work. This is plagiarism and it is also Copyrighted violation which is stated in Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Thank you for viewing, Fiverr community! I hope you all are having a fantasy days and be safe!

“Birth of the Stars” by Danny Kojima