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New Pricing Features


As part an ongoing effort to make your Fiverr experience better, we’re creating and testing some features in the Gig pricing area. Our goal is to make the pricing process easier and enable you to increase your revenues by adding extra services to your Gig.

These new features are based on a deep market research and existing Gig Extras research.

‘For Commercial Use’ Gig Extra - this extra will help you get paid in case your delivery is used for commercial purposes, if you choose to activate it. The rollout is gradually taking place and you can already find it in Voice-overs, Cartoons & Caricatures, and Illustration subcategories and we’re working on different variations for other subcategories.

‘Source File’ Gig Extra - by activating this feature you’ll be able to offer your delivery source files for sale as a regular extra, after the delivery, and even after the order is completed. This feature will be released next month to Illustration subcategory first and to other subcategories in the weeks after.

‘Modifications’ - you will be able to get paid for extra modifications requested by your buyers (in addition to an extra delivery time). This feature is already under development and should be released to Music & Audio subcategories first by the end of the month (other subcategories will follow). Read more and leave your review on the new modifications model here -