New Product Features: Request a Custom Order from Seller Page & Unread Messages


Request a Custom Order

A “Request a Custom Order” button was added to the seller page in the programming & tech category. The seller can choose to reply with a custom offer (just like in the Gig page).

Unread Messages in Inbox

You can now see the number of unread messages within the inbox.

You can get all of the details here:

Which feature are you most excited about?

Fiverr Customer Support


I have noticed these upgrades from few days. Nice addition!


It would be real awesome if fiverr team put back numbers in totdo notification at top. Just like it was in previous version of fiverr before these fancy upgrades.


Thank you for the updates, Fiverr!

Does anyone know if buyers who are sent custom gigs have the option yet to leave feedback? Last I knew (a few months ago), custom gigs didn’t give the option to leave feedback; which has really turned me off to offering custom gigs…which I find unfortunate, because it’s otherwise such a quick and convenient way to do things!


“REQUEST A CUSTOM ORDER” - can we get that for other categories other than programming and tech? Voice artists/audio producers such as myself could greatly benefit from that feature!!!


"The seller can choose to reply with a custom offer (just like in the Gig page)"

Where is the custom offer button on a standard gig page. I have 20 gigs running and have never seen a custom option? Thanks.


Thank you for the upgrades! I am liking the Custom Gig feature!


this is really good an really important thing for us :slight_smile: i didnt see the feature in my page ?


Awesome upgrade i Like it ! :slight_smile:


I really like the improvement its really giving my client easy access to payment


Reply to @wingle: Absolutely! I second that. Please lets get the to do numbers back.


Really good for us


They also added the orders in queue counter back. great!


Is there any possibility to add the feature “Request a Custom Order” from Fiverr Android app?


Really cool feature, I like it.


Cool :slight_smile: Feature plus i am using it…


Great Feature! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to have this in all categories.


Thank you for the updates…



Yes, It’s good. But is that only for Programming and Tech ?