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New Professional Logo Gig!

Hey Awesome People!

I am a new fiverr freelancer that just released my Professional Logo Gig.

My Gig involves making any professional logo related to your business.

It would be Awesome if I could get a first order!!

Make sure to check it out:


Hey @lukejudd5 checked out your gig and has awesome logos! Definitely would use you if I needed one!

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Thank you @rosa38 glad to hear positives already!

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Dont hesitate to ask me If you have any questions!

@rosa38 thanks for the support, Hopefully I shall be able to put my skills to use with a Order soon to prove myself!

Hey! Hope you’re you’ve got your first order today cuz your logos are so cool!!!

Hi … your logos look great

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Hello, thank you for looking at my profile @loadbearer are you interested in one possibly?

Need Improvement in gig images. Its not Eye catching. Dont mind. I just advise you to make your gig image eye catching… When user see then he must click on your gig…
You also check my gig . am waiting your suggestion about my gig…
thanks please.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Very cool gig @lukejudd5!

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Thanks for the advice!

@troyspeechly thank you! Still waiting on my first order though :confused:

Welcome, @lukejudd5 to the forum.:smiley: Keep working hard and you will succeed.:smiley:

Warmly, Humberto


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@hum_on_the_go Thanks for the support! Still looking for my first buyer on my gig !

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Still waiting on my first logo order! I’m willing to make It in a day as a have the time!!

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Are you using a logo maker app or software?

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I think you need to verify your gig package again.
I see the three plans: basic, Standard and premium are the same :thinking:

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Hello there,
Your gig image is outstanding.
You need best description and tags
Tags used words your gig title.
Everything is okay.

Keep up bro :innocent:


Thank you for the support, I am Not quite sure on which tags to use however? @zee3353923

Thanks I have made adjustments! @cherboub