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New Professional Logo Gig!

Hi I appreciate the support but in fact it is not as I have a comma after the word business therefore there is no error unless I am mistaken. @cherboub

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Still looking for a chance to prove myself as I haven’t got my first order yet :confused:

Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has supported me so far !

The word “business” in the picture is spelled wrong. You have it spelled Buisness.


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welcome on fiverr platform.

I don’t understand what you mean!

Thank you for the comment

@cherboub It is grammatically correct as there is a comma after therefore there is no need for the and :slight_smile:

Yes I know you are right :+1:
Just I said “I don’t understand what Hamza says”


Oh okay, thank you for the help. If you happen to need a logo it would be wonderful for you to be my first order too!

Hey Guys still waiting on my first order, I am simply looking to prove myself and I am willing to do any of the different options in a day!

Sorry if I sound offensive.

Before you add “Professional” in your title gigs/anything that make you think you’re good enough to add that word into what you do. You should understand what you do.

How could you make professional logo with just 1 Day Delivery & 1 Revision ?


I appreciate your help, In fact I did not intend to only have 1 revision. Thank you for the help!

Just want to say thanks to everyone that has helped so far! However I am still waiting for my first order, I simply want to prove my skills and would be willing to do any of my packages in a day.

If anyone has any questions about what exactly I do or how long it would take I’d be glad to talk!

Received my first order and was a great experience! 5 star review!