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New Profile Look! What you think?

Another change once again. This time, it comes unannounced. Anyway, what’s your thought on the new look? I hope I’m not the only one seeing this…

MODS: This is not meant as an advert or a call-out, do I also have to blur out my name?


It’s fine but the previous one was better. Best would be if they could revert to the previous one AND make it possible to upload your own header image.


Your :eye: :eye: are not playing tricks on you. :relaxed:

There was a post about this recently. But, it just rolled out on my profile.

The overall makeover is not too shabby! :tea:


Should be a great idea (uploading your own image), except we’ll have more complaints involving the use of stock images or web images (un-stock images).


Well, this is a multi-million dollar company so that should be the tiniest problem to worry about.

Really? I guess I’m among the last batch to receive the update, then. I never noticed it anywhere until now.


The problem I mentioned isn’t about the company; it’s about the users.

I understand. But, if Fiverr wants to solve that (as they should), they have the capability to do it.

Well, I got my nails dirty :nail_care: and did some diggin’.


Found the thread:


Probably! What might you suggest? The problem does exist now even as we speak.

I’m not an expert (yet) but there’s already many image recognition technologies out there that can do that kind of things. But the general gist that I’ve got after my 2 months here on Fiverr is that they are reluctant in bettering the service. For example, we still don’t have verification via phone number for our accounts!


I see. When I saw the topic I assumed it concerned the header change, so I skipped by.

He had a problem of not many having the new look at the time, so I should be in luck. Now everyone has the new look profile, what do y’all think?:smiley:

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I’m not sure why they are streamlining the profile look to be similar to that of the mobile app.

It’s bland, it is taking a step backwards and I dunno, just bland… :thumbsdown:

They still haven’t fixed the description alignment on the profile page.

It looks like they way you type it on the individual gigs but not correctly on the profile page.


I dunno, seems the harder they try to go forward, the farther behind they fall!

Every new update has had more reasons for complaint than joy. Maybe we just exaggerate the problems, maybe they are just as bad as we paint them. Either way, I much prefer the old design to this new one.

I really miss the profile cover image where the tagline was well placed. Now everything seems quite off.


True, I really liked the tagline also.


It’s probably broken something else. It would be nice if they fixed the broken things before making other things look a bit different.

Actually, I just looked and now I have it and I love it because it says I am a 5.0 seller, which I haven’t been for years. Of course, if you look over to where my reviews are, it’s back to 4.95.

As I said:

It’s probably broken something else. It would be nice if they fixed the broken things before making other things look a bit different.

But hey, 5 stars woop woop baby.


Maybe everyone is 5 stars now.

It does not showcase the seller like the old design. It looks like the seller is insignificant compared to the old layout. Before, the seller looked important.
What could be the reason? Mobile friendly?

I like it, it shows the seller info much more clearly than before. I never understood why there was standardized headers tbh, they just took away from the whole page layout by taking up the prime space.


On my 13 inch screen the print is tiny. Everything is tiny. It looks like they don’t expect anyone to pay attention to that part of the screen. It trivializes the seller.
It squeezes the profile on half the page and the gigs on the other half so that nothing seems important or bold.

Give the profile full screen width, then give the gigs full screen width so they look bold and easy to see.

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When I look at it in the default mode, it says ‘Active Paused’ above the gigs, when I click ‘View as a Buyer’ it says ‘Miiila’s Gigs’ (yay for the capital ‘M’) but it says ‘My Reviews’ above the reviews in either case.