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New Profile Look! What you think?

How many days have these new profiles been showing?

Mine only appeared today.

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I still see yours and Miiila’s the old way.

Shows 5 stars and 4.95 stars on the same page…

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I wonder how bad your average reviews have to be before it stops showing 5 stars.

Maybe they’re still rolling it out? I can see mine in the new way, but miiila’s in the old way! Your shows as the new one.

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I see everyone’s the old way except Emma’s.


I didn’t get the verification alert too… dunno why, but I Created a team without members and tried to add funds on the team. Wala, a message appeared, “You need to verify via mobile”. I did the verification and deleted the team :stuck_out_tongue:

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I liked this idea!
only stars doesn’t make any sense!


Couldn’t the font be bolder for the seller’s description and statistics? The whole profile looks like part of the white background.

I don’t like a single change that was done in last weeks. doesnt seem normal to work and its hard to adapt to new things. :sob:

its nice,but i like the old look.:neutral_face:

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What about it don’t you like? Some think it’s better and nicer on the eye.

Nothing… It just doesnt feel like home… I want the old one. I am not even responding to messages I am receiving. :disappointed_relieved:

First the menu bar and now this… WHY WHY WHY

Change is constant :unamused:


too many changes in few days to digest. :unamused:
Even our DNA cant handle much changes.

That’s why it’s made for your eyes (and memory?), not your DNA :grin::grinning:

Oh do you need me to tell you The DNA is in every cell. By the way, you are currently chatting with a biologist, FYI…:smirk:

LOL :joy: