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New Profile - One specific service or multiple fields?

Hi everyone, this if my first post here on the Fiverr forum, so if I’m missing something or doing something wrong, just tell me and I’ll try my best to fix it!
My question is: if I have the possibility to offer multiple services on the platform (ex. graphic design and translations), do you recommend to create different gigs in the same profile, offering different things? Or focusing in a specific field will improve the visibility of my profile and it’s credibility? I’m calling the veterans out here or everyone that has already experienced my same doubt. Thanks in advance for every response!



you aren’t allowed to make another fiverr account


I think he’s saying different gigs, not different accounts.

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It may help expand your reach if you are two different categories, but only if both gigs are high-quality, fulfill buyer demand and don’t have massive competition.

The benefit of having multiple gigs in a category is that some buyers might order your other gigs if they like what you’ve done for them. There may be limited potential for that if your gigs are totally different, unless buyers happen to need different types of gigs.

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Yes .You are right . He is Talking about different gigs.

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Thanks for the answers, I’ll try to set my profile for a specific field, avoiding to offer very different Gigs!