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New Promoted Gigs goes pending at the same time all of my gigs are not showing. - Fiverr Gig Bugs

Hi, me Nasibul WordPress website designer & developer. Recently I got 2 gigs for promoting, Everything goes well, recently I am seeing those are in pending. at the same time, all of my gigs are not showing anywhere. Gigs are all activated with 100% Response Rate 100% Delivered on Time and100% Order Completion.
I think it’s a bug that comes from the new promoted gig option. Promoted gigs may go pending for various reasons Fiverr support said, but they can’t solve other gigs are not showing because of it at the same time.
Recently Fiverr updated their logo, website fonts, and few other things I think.
Does anyone face this kind of experience? how can I solve it?

Thank you


To ensure a quality ad experience for the buyers, only hand-vetted sellers who meet all our quality metrics can participate in this program.

We’ll evaluate your eligibility according to the following standards:

You’re a Level 2 or Top Rated seller
At least one of your Gigs is in an eligible category
Your Gig scored 4.7 in public rating
Your Gig has at least 30 reviews
You meet additional quality metrics


All are ok. I am level 2 seller.
what are You meet additional quality metrics?
My promotional ads run only two days after that I am getting those are pending.

I am also facing the same issue. After my research whatever I got. I sent you.
Quality metrics mean. Response time, Better gig description and titles, Better thumbnail eyecatching. Please also let me know your thoughts.

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Hello, I’m facing the exact same issue, the day they changed the logo and update website :chart_with_downwards_trend:

  • Promoted gigs on pending
  • 100% drop in sales on all gigs (from 200 sales/mo to 0)
  • Gigs are pushed to the last page and absolutely no improvements
  • I have done a lot of promotion in the last 15 days, nothing than just a few sales from the promotion.

I notice that the filter is not working correctly:

  • Gigs & (Sellers) with 0 - 5 reviews are better ranked in Category: Logo Design Filter: Best Selling then gigs with over 5000 reviews
  • Search results duplicated on multiple pages, you can find the same gig on page 1 and page 3 at the same time
  • I saw a few gigs who stole my gig images and they are ranking better in search results :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  • Gigs who missed a category for example Copywriting services in the category Logo Design are ranked better than my gigs

Support ignored all questions i have asked and close a ticket they said “Everything is in tip-top shape” :rofl: ,after that, i open a new ticket and asked to talk head of customer support since copy-paste answers are not solution, now waiting for a response.


Everything is 100%. if I am not qualified they would not give the promoted option with 10$ gift. Promoted gigs on pending at the same time all gigs are not showing. its a bug I think.

i will put services for $5 and 24h delivery to see if anything will change lol… this is ridiculous

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I have got promoted gig feature also… Does it works for increase in sales?

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Hi I am facing this same issue, I have team working with me and now nothing

Same issue here i am also level 2 Seller and all my gig review are 100% Ok. But i don’t my promoted gig is showing me pending and my 7 gigs are showing on last pages.

Im a level 2 seller my gig promotions were working fine and suddenly my impressions dropped in 2 days of running promotions.
now im not getting any impressions! I got really confused and this problem is very serious!
i dont have any idea about it and the question is what to do now to fix that?

if anyone can help me with this!
this stuff is scary! i went from 1st page to unexistant!