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New Promoted Gigs goes pending at the same time all of my gigs are not showing. - Fiverr Gig Bugs

Hi, the solution is to wait or to promote the gigs with social or other… a lot of seller is moving to other platforms and other seller is starting to promote their gigs… we are waiting that fiverr rotation re-place our gigs in good place…

Hi i have the gig promotion option available… And i did not wish to try it…its being couple weeks it appeared and since that day there is a huge drop in sales…Can somebody tell me when will that option will be disappeared?

Same issues with me from the start of this feb month… do you guys remember few weeks ago a alert appeared on dashboard that fiverr website will remain down for around 30 min due to updates on site, i guess they changed something big in algorithm… we can just wait and wait

Beware before promoting your gigs.
My problem is similar but a bit different. My gig was getting promoted for the last many days, suddenly stopped with a message “Not promotable (Unqualified)”, I didn’t make any change to any gig, 5-star gig rating, everything is perfect. I contacted support, got no satisfactory reply but they said your gigs are now promoted. I checked it and found them true. BUT after 3 more days, the same thing happened again :frowning:

Now why I said BEAWARE?
Before the promotion, my gig was performing well and appearing on 1st or 2nd page. I was happy with that. And then I promoted gigs, now after few days of promotion, that message came and promotion stopped. Now, the worst thing happened, Fiverr disqualified my gig and now it’s getting ZERO or very few impressions. when I searched my gig it was not wherein the result.

So the conclusion is I must never promote my gig.

Hi it was some months, and i saw that looks like today the things are working well for you after this problem. What you made to solve this situation? Thank you

Hi, it solved automatically few months later.

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Hi i appreciate your answer, so will solve when you complete more works? Like i filled all requirements, but has that option “based in quality of fiverr”

How long did it take to get solved and did you do anything specific to get it back on top ?

I’m currently experiencing the same issues for weeks now. There’s possibly something wrong with the system. As soon as there’s is error by system in promoting your gigs even though the gig meets the requirements for promotion, all the gigs in the account would be moved to the last page. This is actually an error Fiverr team should fix asap. Who has been cleared of the issues lately