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New Promoted Gigs goes pending at the same time all of my gigs are not showing

Dammit just a week ago i receive the promoted gig notificstion, im try it… and now my gig dissapear, did no way to comeback? Any solution at all?


Hello brother! Now I am facing the same issue. What was happened to you? Is that solved now? And how many days it took to solve the issue? Please reply

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Hi Respected Community, I hope you all are doing good.

I see all the replies related with this issue and after a lot of research I want to clear this to you all that It’s not a bug or anything else because Fiverr works on some specific algorithms like in my case I also face the same issue due to my own mistake because I cancelled some of orders last months, (do not cancel the orders more than 3 in a month) and keep your response rate, order completion rate and Delivered on Time rate as high above 90% and make your ratings and reviews are good for meeting the additional quality matrices to head off from this issue.

I hope this will be helpful.


My everything is good except on time delivery is 97%, I know many top rated sellers who did not have any cancelation, late delivery or any bad feedback but yet they were unqualified and gigs thrown to the last page. So we all believe it is a bug


Agreed! this should be a bug. same with me. anybody found a way to get over this?

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Yes, I think so. Can you contact customer support about this system bug? I already contacted many times. They said the same they can’t do anything, it is automated.


I did contact them, they always help me and fix my problems no matter how big the problem is and they never disappoint me. but this time this guy told me that Promoted gigs feature is not handled by customer support and they told that it is all automated algo which is not in their hands as system is designed to be independent. I believe they are going to make some changes again in algo in next few days of April so lets see where it takes us.


Are you sure they will change the system algorithm within this April? How do you know?

We know it is bug. if you got disapproved promoted gig, iam sure all of your gigs are disappear.


I know few sellers who added a video to their gigs and got a couple of orders from buyer requests and then they were back to their orignal spot where promoted gigs option was also back, you may try that. I am also thinking to try that

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i agree with you. fiverr just send standard response. even they misbehave with me and then apologies it’s a typo mistake. i have one bug in fiverr analysist they admit it yeah it’s a bug our technical team work on it. but more than 10 days no one fix that issue.

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hi is it fixed for you??? If yes how long it took? Any tips?

Same situation with me. When i got promoting option then goes everything well but when this one option is off then all my gigs disppear.
5 days ago i didn’t received any order

Not fixed yet. I got it back after 2 months then two days later it happen again. It happen frequently in my profile, dont khow why!!!

Same as my side. Actually can’t figure out what the problem, and how it will be solve

It’s pretty simple folks, they use the same quality metrics to determine your ranking that they use to determine if you are eligible for paid promotion. They don’t want poor quality sellers “paying their way to the top”. If you have great scores across the board, but suddenly lose traffic it’s because you’ve been stung with the “additional quality metrics”.

As far as I can tell, the only “additional quality metric” that they could be using is the “private” reviews. I got stung with this earlier this year and it took about 30 days but my traffic returned eventually (although never to its former high!)

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Hello ,

Sorry for the late reply . Not very much active on the forum , yes after 2.5 months I did rank back . Not on top like before but at least I came to 1 - 3 page . From there I got regular orders ( not like before ) .

Here is what I did :

  • Try social media marketing ( did not work ) : Do not recommend it
  • Did some orders with previous buyers : Did not rank me back up even after completing several orders with positive feedback
  • Changed full gigs ( title , description , etc ) : It was already 2.5 months at this point and my gigs did climb back on search .

It is hard to tell if my waiting period was over or my changing the description had anything to do with it