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New quality reviews for Top Rated Sellers

Just received an email informing me that:

“To ensure Top Rated sellers such as yourself continue to meet these expectations, we will be conducting quality evaluations of your orders and deliveries.

In cases where your service doesn’t meet these expectations repeatedly, your Top Rated seller badge will be replaced with a Level 2 seller badge in the course of your monthly evaluation.“

What does this mean? Fiverr staff will look into our deliveries and messages?


I think that if the system notices multiple delivered files and messages from both the seller and buyer, fiverr will look into the specific order to see where the problem is.


Don’t forget 3 months “part” if you lose TRS…


what does this mean exactly ? there’s nothing clear …


that wouldn’t make sense , it depends on the services you’re offering … there’s always a chance that you ran into some buyer that always asks for revisions


Isn’t that was Buyer reviews are for? What happens if a buyer loves the delivery and someone at Fiverr thinks it’s substandard? A lot of the work done through this site is subjective.

I’m hoping to get more details about this soon.

It seems like one more solution in search of a problem. If a seller delivers bad stuff too often they will either have a poor completion rate or their reviews will fall below the accepted level. I’m not sure why extra inspections are needed.


I wonder if it is invisible where they reach out to the buyer and ask for feedback, I hope it is not actually going through messages and deliverable. Or maybe it is a if a buyer cancels because of “poor quality”. I would like clarity too. It seems a blanked statement to let them do as they wish.


It is at this point unclear on whether there will be spot checks, automated checks or checks triggered by buyer feedback.


exactly… nothing is clear from that .

Also there’s this part

‘’ How to keep your Top Rated seller badge:

  • Favor quality over quantity: Quality work and delivery are the cornerstones of your business’ reputation and success.
  • Manage your workflow: Accept custom orders only if you are sure to deliver high-quality work.
  • Set the right expectations: Make sure you can deliver work within the timeframes and prices you defined in your Gig’s description. ‘’

We had to maintain these standards until now …as well , I don’t think this is new.


Kind of scary. So vauge. Or if any of our personal buying habits on the platform play into it as well.


yes… it kinda sounds like ‘’ we can demote you without a particular reason ‘’… I hope that I am wrong


If so … what if my buyer likes what I sent and … someone from Fiverr thinks that it’s not good enough ? I’m a designer , my work is subjective … how does that work ? :smiley:


I think it means to maintain the requirements of TRS

I contacted support about that , it has nothing to do with the evaluation period and the standards that you have to maintain.

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Frankly, I’m happy to know that my work is being reviewed by a human, rather than a computer algorithm alone. I’m proud of the work I produce on every order, and am confident that it will stand up to scrutiny.


What makes you think this will be the case? I don’t see anything to say that unless I missed something?


What makes me think “what” is the case?

That you will be reviewed by a human


I don’t think anyone needs to worry about this unless they routinely outsource orders like was being discussed in another thread. Fiverr cant possibly employ a team of people to gauge the quality of all the different kinds of services sellers offer. However, they can identify pretty quickly if a TRS seller routinely outsources to non-TRS sellers in what is really selling as a game of price arbitrage.


It says in the letter that “we will be conducting quality evaluations of your orders and deliveries.”

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