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New quality reviews for Top Rated Sellers

Your complaints about outsourcing in your other thread were passed along to fiverr staff someone said, which resulted in the message we got. You mention Pros and TRS doing it.

That is inflammatory. I think you should give proof of this to customer support if you have it.

Thanks for doing this, @frank_d. I’ll be interested to hear what you find out.

I passed the email along to my SM also, to see if he could find out anything to clarify the email we received. I figured getting 2 SMs looking into it could only help, given the level of confusion and concern that this email has generated.

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good idea.
i love this

Who made that connection?

Fiverr’s email must have been planned ahead of time, if ai have learned anything from talking directly to Fiverr staff over the years is how slowly they move when it comes to external communication.

Same with feature roll outs, and this is a new feature/internal process/tool of sorts.

No way would they read a forum post and respond to it with a mass email less than 48 hours later.

I think this is pure coincidence and you are reading too much into it.


OK, I heard back from my Pro SM about the email. He confirmed that it was just meant to be a reminder about the level process. Here’s what he said:

This is an email sent to all TRS so everything is OK. It is just to refresh our sellers’ memory into the fact that levels can go down as well and keeping high quality products are important to prevent that.

@frank_d, I’m hoping you get a further confirmation of this when you talk with your SM tomorrow. I thought from the very beginning of this thread that the email wasn’t intended to be threatening - it’s just that it was poorly written and left a lot of room for confusion and concern.




I’ve just contacted the person I interact with at Fiverr PRO, to ask that they read this forum thread, and let me know if Fiverr is aware of this practice, and if they have any plans to address outsourcing without the buyer being aware. I’ll let you know what I hear.

So it sounded to me like they read that and reacted to it.

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Yes, you’re right @misscrystal. I did post that on the other thread. I think Frank is right, that it would be really quick for Fiverr to read about outsourcing on the other thread, and then send this email in possible response.

I was more wondering if they had been aware of the practice for a while before that thread, and had been planning to make a move to deal with it, by something like this email. My thought that they did it in reaction to the thread was inaccurate.


Again I think this is an unfortunate coincidence.

I will try to get some more info tomorrow. Stay tuned.


When I first got the email, the first thing I read - and I was in a hurry - was that I had lost my TRS status. Mind you, I was out and about and just took a glance at the email heading. Of course, I am just as confused about it as others.

I mean, even in writing, it can be subjective. Dunno, but as I think of all things Fiverr does these days, it is what it is! I


Maybe it was a coincidence that message arrived a day or two after the post about Pro sellers and TRS being bad people who may bring ruin and disgrace to fiverr; and then being passed along to fiverr staff. Who knows. I’m not a believer in coincidences.

I think you’re right. It was an unfortunate coincidence.

Excuse me? Are you saying that that I am in the wrong for NOT breaking Fiverr and forum rules by adding links to seller profiles?

Are you also suggesting that despite us being told several times that Fiverr does not read the forum, they would within 24-hours implement sweeping TRS reforms. based on a thread posted by a level zero seller? - Without doing any research themselves concerning whether the topic of the thread had any substance?

My previous thread was the result of me following a disscussion involving a Pro and TRS seller off of-Fiverr, who had already reaised concerns with Fiverr.

I realize that changes like this must be upsetting for those without a crystal ball to look into to see how they might pan out. However, to be honest, I can’t see why most people are so upset. If you have nothing to hide, surely you have nothing to fear?

As for the outsourcing issue, I can easily provide links to TRS sellers who obviously outsource some or all of their work on a routine basis. I am able to because it was brought to my attention by a Fiverr buyer on another freelance message board, how easy it is to spot TRS sellers who do so now that we have the new blind review feature.

Sorry, but not every seller is a saint and having a TRS badge shouldn’t elevate anyone above scrutiny. This seems to be what you are saying here.


I have previously brought several sellers to the attention of CS who sell the likes of copyrighted video templates. As it stands, though, it is not my job to police Fiverr.

I have also stated that I know the matter being discussed has already been brought to the attention of CS.

Aren’t you taking this thread a little off-topic now? In either case, try to character assassinate me all you want. If you have nothing better to do, that’s your prerogative. I, however, do have better things to do. :wink:

What is wrong with me lately? - Yes, you edited that out quickly, as it seems you already have some other cutting remarks.

Sorry, Miss C, but I’m not making personal statements about you (quickly edited out of my posts or otherwise). For this reason, I won’t be engaging with you further.


There’s maybe a lot of hyperbole on here intential or unintentionally expressed. However there is a rats nest developing and everyone has a good point.
I have had to change my strategy- pricing and attitude towards Fiverr because of outsourcing and people selling my gig better than me.


I, for one, am upset that I’m receiving vague and slightly intimidating emails while I’m in the middle of two projects that are complicated in terms of multi-stage approval process and response time. I got over the stress of monthly evaluations fairly recently and it’s pretty demoralizing even if (hopefully) it wasn’t meant to be.

Like, I know that I can tumble down levels-wise. Every time I choose to work with someone who is too difficult for my liking to keep the completion rate up I do that because I’m aware. I don’t need reminders.

It looks to me now like a formality/reminder kind of thing that could be better worded and it’s not like I expect any morale boosts at this point but I’m a anxious person and it’s not fun for me at all.


Hi. What is TRS? I don’t understand.

Top Rated Seller.

Ok thank you. I wasn’t so sure that was it when they started using the acronym.

You’re very welcome. Yes, acronyms are confusing until someone clarifies them.


I find the SM is all about towing a line. They will not be able to offer much clarity unless you push. So I hope yours finds more out