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New quality reviews for Top Rated Sellers

I sort of understand why the decision was made as I’ve seen sellers whose live portfolio looks nothing like the main 3 preview images.

But I can’t start turning people away only because the aesthetic they insist on is “subpar” comparing to what I do. I suspect fiverr won’t be happy about that either.


I read it more as “apply common sense” but yes, it could mean both, depending. On whatever. :wink:


I would have never created a gig about brand names. I didn’t do that before my promotion to level 2. I only did it after becoming TRS, because I needed to make more money and not enough people were ordering my other gigs.

The reality is I wasn’t focused on anything, I was just a reliable seller who got good reviews and lots of orders. I never participated in the forum, didn’t promote myself on social media or advertise my gigs in any way.

I admit I do reject orders in troublesome categories. Such as brand names for kitchens products. I’ve had bad experiences with those, so I politely tell buyers that I can’t help them.


Remember this topic folks?

Well, just a little heads up - I’ve been doing EVERYTHING Fiverr suggested to work with my clients - provide excellent service, remain committed to finishing projects and what not - and I’m still demoted because I don’t meet their expectations. If I don’t meet their expectations of great service - about 15 negative-to-semi-negative reviews in the last 9 years here - then what more do I need to do?!

I suspected it would happen, and it only bothers me slightly - but really Fiverr my gigs don’t show up in the search algorithm and the only way buyers found me was through the TRS tab. I’m glad I’ve got a job outside of Fiverr because I think it’s time to hang it up here! Just take custom offer only and go from there!

OK wait, what just happened? Did you lose your TRS level?

Did you fail one of the 3 key metrics or was it a manual demotion??

Manual demotion. Everything was in the green… 100 percent on everything; no warnings. I sent them an email about it, and when I put in something about why I was demoted, it showed me a metric that said I had received a warning. However, in my actual analytics, there is no warning mentioned. So, I’m not sure if that’s legit or not under that reasoning of why I was demoted.

Can you post it here? what was the warning about?

Did you have any recent orders going south?

No warning Frank!

And yes my orders have been going south since the start of June. My gigs are nowhere to be found other than under the TRS label. However, if this warning happened - without my knowledge - and trust me, I’d have known - then it happened after June 15.

Oh I see you created a thread about this, let me post my reply there as I do have some thoughts.

So, SO sorry this happened to you!


I got demoted too, @emeraldawnn. I had one metric that fell barely below the threshold, and I got bumped to Level 2. The irony - the same day, the metric rose back to an acceptable level.

So much for “it’s just a reminder, people, nothing to worry about.”

You know, I’ve talked to a number of TRS sellers, and we’ve all experienced the same drop in orders. Mine goes back to May. I don’t think it’s just a “summer slump.” I think Fiverr did something behind the scenes to enhance their image for the IPO, and it’s affecting the sellers.


That’s the problem though… I didn’t fall below any metric on the analytics page on our page, but according to Fiverr CS’ analytics, I had a warning. I have never received a warning of any type. And, I AM pushing this matter because I just got notified that I didn’t qualify and to keep up the good work and I might get it in three months… no mention about the files I uploaded.

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this happened today?

It was on the 14th. That’s the day of the evaluation, which is stated on the analytics page.

Question, has everyone received their monthly “congratulations, you’ve maintained TRS seller status!” yet this month? I’ve not received any notifications on my level after this months evaluation, but I am still TRS at the moment (analytics all good)

it’s the same here at the moment

Wow I had no idea buyers were sent a private survey. I wish they would send sellers a private survey just to keep it fair and consistent. Even if I had a “not so great experience” I would keep it professional. I have recently passed on projects because I just wasn’t a good fit but of course I responded professionally.