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New quality reviews for Top Rated Sellers

Oh ok. I wouldn’t read that in the same way at all to be honest. Fiverr has been moving away further and further from human checking of anything (auto evaluations, CS templated answers etc) so unless there’s a major shift I couldn’t see them manually checking orders


Precisely. Fiverr will be looking at your orders (what you order) and your deliveries (what you deliver when people order from you). - At least that is how I read this.

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See I read that completely different.

Where by “orders” they mean how I talk to clients and by “deliveries” they mean, well erm… what I deliver.


I also think the focus on Top Sellers is a little weird. Not only are there already tings in place to make sure the quality of Top Sellers remains high (buyer reviews, completion rate), but also most of the quality problems on the platform come from lower level sellers.

There are a lot of Level 1 and Level 2 sellers that got demoted form TRS already, even though over the years they have produced a high level of work, but thy had a bad month or a few bad buyers. There are also a lot of Level 1 and Level 2 sellers trying to make a quick buck who have few skills, no business acumen, and poor communication skills. It seems like the platform would benefit from eliminating those bad actors from the platform.

I still regularly get spam from dodgy sellers. I have a hard time believing there is a widespread quality issue with TRS. Like anything else, there is no doubt at least some who are skating by, but I don’t see how this new inspection regime will help the reputation of the platform.

I’m suspicious of anything that I am subjected to to keep my level that doesn’t have any objective standards. This is especially true for things that are definitely subjective like what makes good sales copy.


I hope that’s the case but I think Fiverr uses “orders” to describe sales rather than purchases.
Deliveries then would be the final delivery as opposed to what is ordered/agreed.


What does that mean exactly? We should refrain from sending custom offers for regular work, and use that only for orders which require super high-quality work. :grinning:

Many buyers ask me to send custom offers even when they can easily order directly from Gig Page.

This point is very confusing to me.


Just left word to my SM, asking for a call tomorrow so they can break this down for me.


Let us know please so we know more about this.


I wonder if they pick orders randomly for checks, or only if there seems to be an issue, perhaps triggered by the private buyer review.

What will they be looking at if you worked on a buyer’s Google doc directly, for example, with a link, or if the buyer gave you access to their backend on some other platform? After a seller finished such an order and before they might check, a buyer may have added something to their documents they don’t want anyone to see but forgot to change the link, I’m not sure how that gels with privacy and all.
I hope this will be communicated clearly to buyers as well. Some do expressly ask to keep files confidential, too.In case any info leaks and a buyer complains, I hope there are logs which show that not just the seller accessed the files but also whoever did the checks.

Well, from my end, as long as they don’t have more important things to do and have competent people to check and won’t raise their percentage, so be it. If this will be a shoot first, ask later approach, however, as some other things seem to go, people might first lose their levels in case of wrong assessment of the checking person and will need to spend their precious time on getting it cleared up and their level back.

Does this means they are spending IPO money on those checks? I know a local platform that generally does quality checks, for everyone, but that comes at a higher price point of the platform as a whole.

At least, we got an interesting thread now on the forum! :wink:


I also received the email.

I am guessing that they could use the survey that a buyer gives after delivery. There is a separate buyer survey that is only seen by Fiverr. This could be an opportunity for the customer to be more candid about their experience. Negative input from the buyer on the private survey could trigger more attention by the system.


I would think such a buyer would express unhappiness to the seller but maybe not.

I know that if I started to get negative comments from buyers I would listen and try to improve whatever they were complaining about but it hasn’t happened.


By the way, if they are in reviewing mood, some Top Buyers could need a bit of reviewing too.


Heard back from my SM.

They asked to see the email (since they don’t know everything that’s going on)

I forwarded the email and they then told me I have nothing to worry about.

We are still on for a call tomorrow, as I still need more info, a more formal breakdown.

If there’s a new tool of evaluation, I need to know more parameters than what the email included.


‘’ I am unable to share any details about the review, however, I am sure if you have provided quality service and maintained a certain level of professionalism, there is no need to worry. Just follow the instructions you have received in your email and I am sure that there will be any inconveniences.’’

Well hopefully it’s not something bad…


Is that the reply you got from CS or do you have a SM?

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Did they mean to put the word “not” in there? :smile:


probably it was a mistake :smiley::smiley:


yes it’s from support

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OK so let’s see what my SM has to say as they will probably have more to share.


I’m getting a headache, something I almost never get. Why don’t they just tell us what’s wrong or what they think is wrong?