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New quality reviews for Top Rated Sellers

Well nothing is wrong, there’s no need to panic.

If anything I think this is a positive step that may potentially weed out TRS that don’t deserve to be TRS.

So I’ll wait to see what my SM can share with me, and choose to focus on my Business Bootcamp homework for now to keep my sanity. :slight_smile:


New evaluation tool??

they are probably looking for people who buy reviews or the ones that send incomplete work or work that is not related to the actual requests

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I’d imagine this is to make sure sellers are above-board and not using underhanded methods.

-Outsourcing to lower-ranked sellers.
-Getting people to place fake orders, to whom they send fake deliverable just for the reviews / metrics.
-Parking fake orders for 30 days to make it look like they are busy / in demand to people viewing their gig. Etc Etc

I in no way think this would be any concern for any seller with scruples, providing a genuine service.
Unfortunately, when there is a profit system that can be gamed, people will game it. Just like buying reviews on Amazon or followers for Instagram. I’ll welcome a bit more big-brother if I ever make TRS!


I seriously doubt any top rated seller would feel the need to do those things. But who knows.


@frank_d It sounds like we can’t offer extras:

Set the right expectations: Make sure you can deliver work within the timeframes and prices you defined in your Gig’s description. ’

Maybe if you think of it you could ask your SM if we are allowed to suggest extras after the order is placed? Thanks (I don’t have an SM to ask.)


I’ve come across people at the top using similar methods in other industries and platforms, so why not Fiverr?

However I agree with your sentiment. Any reasonable seller like yourself wouldn’t dream of gaming the system in some way, or even feel the need. And to reiterate I’m in no way casting aspersions on anyone here, just theorizing on the reasons for theses checks and projecting from past experience.

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Great. The second I got to the airport, I got this email. Also, are the parameters of “how” are this vague on purpose? I have no idea what any of this means.

Except this sounds worrying:

I do offer extras if the buyer wants more work than my order includes. How is this bad or my fault?


I’m rarely negative about Fiverr related stuff but this is stupid.

Instead of demoting sellers why not create another level, say, “Fiverr Elite” and promote sellers, improve moral and give us something to reach for instead of making us look over our shoulder?

This is for the most part subjective. I deal in videos and voice overs and my prices are in the hundreds of dollars. I usually have to ask for extensions because my buyers are on the other side of the world, don’t speak my language as their first language. In an effort to provide a quality product I have to extend times because they placed the order incorrectly or have not sent their product to me, OR they need help with their scripts.

Just today I sent a message to a buyer after the delivery and told them that I (as in ME) wasn’t satisfied with the end result. Their script was wonky and I didn’t realize how they had missed the mark until I began editing the video. So, I rewrote their script, sent them a message asking them to clarify some items (they’re in China) so I could deliver a product that we would both be proud of.

They haven’t even responded to the delivery and probably would’ve accepted it as is but I thought I could do an even better job if they’d give me better info.

For this, I could be demoted?

Shaking my head at you FIVERR!!!


I was under the impression, partly due to the little message on order pages, that says to ask for extras, that it was a good thing. Now I’m not sure.

I like how we were supposed just to figure it out by ourselves if that’s the case. I have no words.


That works well for me and for my clients. None seem to mind when I offer extras and most do go ahead and get at least one.

I do understand that there have been people who have complained a few times on the forum that they had a seller say the price was more than the gig was showing but usually either the buyer wanted more work than he paid for, or it was said in a message to a buyer before he placed an order.

So clarification on this would be appreciated as to how it relates to offering extras;

Make sure you can deliver work within the timeframes and prices you defined in your Gig’s description. ’
I always make it clear that extras are an option for them and not required. If they choose not to get them that’s perfectly ok. But now it sounds too risky to suggest them.


Sounds to me like you can get demoted for having a few complaints about making buyers pay more whatever the reason for the price increase was.

I don’t like the “within the timeframes of your gig description” part as well. Hopefully, it’s about specifically delivering late, not asking for a deadline extension once a month when the buyer doesn’t mind.


Or not even having any complaints, just having someone from fiverr see you offered extras. And it only applies to top rated sellers.

Of course I can deliver work as shown in my gig description for the price I mentioned. I do it all the time. I just wonder if mentioning extras to my clients is not allowed.

Well, in that case I can’t see how Fiverr expects me to keep selling on the platform. There is a tool that was specifically created to deal with buyers wanting more work and somehow I’m supposed to a) never use it while the others can b) figure out by myself that I’m not supposed to use it.

I hope it’s not the case.


Well we will have to hope Frank gives us the answer after he talks to his SM. I don’t know what else to do. In the meantime I’m not going to suggest extras.

I’m not sure how you get to not being allowed to offer extras, I’m not reading that as not offering extras but as refraining from bait-and-switch tactics, i. e. asking for a higher price for something that should only cost amount X, according to the gig description. We’ve seen more than one buyer complaining about bait-and-switch, so I think that’s the more probable interpretation.

For that and a lot of things, like someone else already said, I’m also not sure either if those things are a big problem with TRSs, and random quality checks might do even more good with the lower levels but I guess there are some TRSs who engage in some not so desirable things, and of course Fiverr won’t want buyers to experience such especially from TRSs.

And for the timeframe, obviously you should stick to the time frame for directly ordered gigs (or if you can’t, pause them), while custom offers, IMO, are a different thing and not meant by this.


I offer various enhancements to the basic order. Is that “bait and switch”? For now at least I’m not going to do that.

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Interesting indeed…makes you wonder if they do take note on these forums.

It seems strange that cy had a post about Pros and TRS he said he saw not doing things right. He was mostly talking about outsourcing.