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New quality reviews for Top Rated Sellers

Exactly! That’s why I’m skeptical about those who want to work on teams on Fiverr.

There are many dreamers who need brand names, Facebook ads, articles, etc, and then there are the serious people that need all that, and can recognize quality when they see it. Of course, serious or not serious, each client is a gamble, and you never know who you’re dealing with until you deliver.

My job isn’t to tell people that their dreams will never be realized, that their business ideas are horrible. After all, I could be wrong, maybe they will succeed, and even if they don’t, it will be a great learning experience.

However, if someone messages me with something like this: “Help! I lost my job! I need to sell 200 t-shirts on Teespring to pay the rent,” I will tell him to look for another job, to find full-time income before betting everything on Teespring or some other platform.

Nice talking to you, glad we can agree on something. :wink:


I’m not sure why TRS and PRO got lumped into one in this discussion. We don’t know if PRO got the email (I doubt they did). I’m aware that there are a few sellers who are both (in which case, mad kudos to you, seriously and without irony) but you’re considered an amateur if you’re “just” a TRS.

Prolific, professional, willing to go above and beyond and occasionally one of the faces of fiverr, but an amateur. There is a huge difference in presentation of who you are on and for the platform, advertising and selling features. So I find it odd that the expectations are presented in this heightened marketing speak of leading the charge and illuminating the way while as a TRS you still are just a seller. With sales draughts half of the forum doesn’t believe TRS even have, crazy people CS doesn’t do anything about and the rest of the fun stuff.

For the record, I’m confident in my abilities but I have my price range and my place (which isn’t PRO that is on ads that are all over the walls of Berlin right now) and while I’m willing to give the buyers the beauty and the magic of it all, there is a certain limit to my magic. I can only hope that fiverr understands that.

PS I appreciate the update, Frank. It definitely helped me with digesting that extremely ill-timed email.


I got the same message. Seems they are sending this to all top rated sellers and letting everyone know that they are not only relying on automated metrics.

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I understand what Frank means about leading clients where they need to go. That’s what a good professional does when someone comes to them for help and doesn’t know what they need. It’s not always the case that a client needs to be led however but TRS should understand that it might be part of their job in some instances. I’m talking about making suggestions on what they should purchase and expect, and what is possible and what isn’t.

There are lots of times when it’s not appropriate to simply take directions, but offer more of an explanation of why it might be better to do things a certain way for best results.

This runs into the issue of offering extras after the client places an order much of the time, if they didn’t contact you before placing the order… So you need to be super good at communicating the reasons for offering extras, as well as be willing to go ahead with the base price even though it may be obvious they need extras.


Actually, the kicker is… I have never had a success manager! All TRS sellers supposedly get one, but I don’t have one.

And, I suspect the change in demotion and promotions for TRS is done for situations like your own. It was all automated and, perhaps, from this point on, it won’t be. Dunno… not sure! Just a thought!


I’ve never had a SM either.

As far as demoting TRS, it might be obvious in some cases that someone shouldn’t be one. I would think that it would be easy to tell from general feedback comments and ratings if clients were happy or not, as a consistent grumbling would indicate a demotion is needed.

Likewise, consistent praise, combined with outstanding uniqueness and excellence, would indicate that the seller deserves to be TRS.

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I had a success manager at some point, we’ve spoken back when I was Level 2 because they wanted to ask me a few questions for an article for Fiverr blog. Now when I think about it, I got promoted to TRS right after I was interviewed. So maybe it was an interview for the TRS as well.

I was told to “reach out anytime” but I’ve never had a reason to and now I would probably but it’s been years and I have no idea if she’s even working for the company anymore.


You have such an excellent communication style. That might be part of the total package they are looking for in TRS.


You didn’t miss much, my success manager didn’t do anything for me. Didn’t tell me how to make more money, what new gigs to create, what prices I should be charging, etc.


No one can tell you those things. That would make them responsible if those suggestions didn’t work out well. And it would make you more of an employee of theirs even though they weren’t getting compensated with money.


I’m more of the mind that I know what does and does not work for me. I really don’t need someone to say, “hey, this isn’t a really good gig.” If I feel a gig is not performing well, I know that it needs to either be deleted or discontinued until I find a gimmick that works for it. The only person that knows your business is you. They may suggest something, but the reality is, you and you alone are the sole person who knows what will and will not work.


I only mentioned Pro alongside TRS to make the point that those two levels are very similar in a sense.

Fiverr expects a lot from both levels.

That email was strictly for TRS, Pros did not receive that email.

I am both a Pro and TRS and so I can see what’s happening on the other side of the fence as well.

I don’t think that a TRS is “just a seller”. I truly believe that being a TRS means you actually do stand out and the expectations are higher. I am also faced with a huge slump in sales since late May, early June. Same as everyone. If it puts your mind at ease my SM said that the demotion metrics do not factor in volume of sales. So you can’t lose your TRS level just because there weren’t many sales for a month or more.

From your reply I see you feel kind of frustrated towards the Pro section of the website.
Seems like your main gripe is with the name itself though and not what it actually stands for.
Would you feel differently if they called it “Super sellers” or “Premium sellers”?
They obviously named it Pro because of the shift in target audience (they were now targeting large brands and agencies) and because they knew it was a major pain point up until then (people ranting on the internet about scammers on the platform)

I am not defending Fiverr, just to clarify. Nor do I think they did everything right.
They did make lots of senior sellers here feel neglected and cast aside by promoting this new thing, this Pro section. And by naming less than 1% of the sellers Pro, what does that say for everyone else?

I keep reading people mocking the name because they feel they were automatically labeled as “amateurs”.

I understand why you may feel that way. I sometimes look like I am defending Fiverr but rest assured I am not. I do think this whole Pro launch/expansion could have been done a lot differently.

End of OT. :slight_smile:


OK, first of all let me apologize if it seemed like I was saying: “this is your fault”.

Let me take another shot at this.

So basically you only focused on your key metrics, even though those were not a thing on our dashboard yet. OK I have a question: if you could go back, right before your demotion from TRS, knowing what you do now, would you have done anything differently?

I never said anything about manipulation, or being an interim CEO of their company or caring about whether or not their project will be a success.

What I meant was: lead the discussion.

If a buyer comes to you with a crappy brief, don’t take on that project.
Talk to them about their brief, propose a new scope, tell them when their budget won’t get them far.

Leading the conversation means you are ahead of your client, know where you want to go, and seek alignment with them early on to see if you want to work with them or not. And how you are going to do either.

Just by saying that you are someone who just performs tasks can be very limiting for you.
People come to you with a problem. Your service may be the solution.

I assure you none of your friends lead any discussions with their clients.
The customer is always right? I never said that, don’t believe it either.

I’m willing to bet that “pro” is not made accidental or interchangeable for a softer term to make me feel better :slight_smile: It’s a good sales point and while, admittedly, that divide rubbed me wrong when it was first introduced because it kinda drives the wedge between the professionals and the other people, I get why it’s there.

I’m against putting the two in the same category for the sake of discussion which I keep seeing happening. It’s a different experience. There are certain expectations (I would hope) that overlap but it’s a different experience.

Good for them for not punishing people for making less, though. Especially considering the crazy ups and downs that have been happening lately.


Thank you. :slight_smile: If Fiverr’s taught me something, it’s getting to the point immideatly.

Like your artwork. It’s direct and attractive.

I’m posting this here even though it’s not strictly for Top Rated Sellers, because it’s related to overall quality that is required of all sellers:

I’ve just noticed some changes/additions in the ToS (the latest update was this month):

"Gigs and/or users may be removed by Fiverr from the Site for violations to these Terms of Service, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials:

  • Promoting Fiverr and/or Fiverr Gigs through activities that are prohibited by any laws, regulations, and/or third parties’ terms of service, as well as through any marketing activity that negatively affects our relationships with our users or partners."

This one probably covers, among other things, spamming other Fiverr sellers on Twitter and elsewhere.

" * Gigs are required to have an appropriate Gig image related to the service offered. An option to upload two additional Gig images are available to all Sellers. Sellers must deliver the same quality of service as shown on their Gig images. Recurring deliveries that don’t match the quality shown on the Gig images may lead to the Seller’s account losing Seller status or becoming permanently disabled."

I’m not completely sure if this is new or if I’ve just noticed it now, but either way, this could be a useful way to get rid of those who put beautiful gig images and deliver awful design.


This is why I can’t market Fiverr. "As well as through any marketing activity that negatively affects our relationships with our users or partners" simply reads to me like "Anything you do might be interpreted as negative at our discretion."

The problem with this bit is that some buyers might request a low-quality image, etc.

I know that this sounds odd. However, I have video buyers who send me awful logos and background images, which it is simply impossible to work with. I also have articles which I cringe writing.

Basically, what someone might consider poor quality work, can actually be the result of a poor quality buyer. :frowning:


Or basically the quality of the delivery can be affected by the quality of any source materials supplied by the buyer which the seller may not have control over. edit: plus exactly what is asked for by the buyer.


And we have spammers to thank for that.

Hopefully, that’s what “may lead to” instead of “will definitely lead to” is for, but I agree, it’s open to interpretation.