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New "Quick Response" Feature is AMAZING!

This has got to be the most useful new Fiverr feature!

Fiverr has added so many new features that has made my work on this platform much more efficient … and the addition of Quick Response blows my mind!

I use to have to type the same thing over and over (sometimes copy/paste).

No more baby!

AND may I also mention the new Custom Offer feature is amaze-balls!!!

Thanks Fiverr!

Not trying to kiss your booty Fiverr, but you’re the best business partner EVER!


Use the new features, Sellers :slight_smile:

Indeed, this new feature is useful a lot. I used to copy-paste all the time but now this has made things easier, I’m sure Fiverr is going to add more useful stuff in the future as well.

Gotta agree it’s amazingly useful I find. Before, I’d type the message each time and if Im in a rush or whatever I sometimes wouldn’t be as clear / polite / helpful as I could be. Now thats solved more or less!

Agree! It’s a great great tool! Thank you Fiverr.

I like it too. It lets me use one hand when I am eating lunch. I have two responses so far: A “no thank you” and a “I have received your order.”

That is really amazing feature to response faster… great thinking :slight_smile:

I Love this feature, too. It has dramatically improved my response time. It seems like I am the busiest on fiverr right before bedtime. Now I can answer my buyers before going to sleep!

Yap one of the best features :slight_smile:

It’s really perfect feature to send fastest reply…!

I love this feature it helped me alot.