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NEW: Quick response


Hi guys

I just noticed this new function quick response on fiverr messages, I think this is very helpful for response time and faster communication in first place.

what do you think ?

For now I think best would be adding some work examples that you can quickly send, what you will add there ?


I really like it, its pretty continent.

In the past I used to save some generic responses in notepad files to sent to client in particular repeated situation, but now I don’t have to do that anymore.

so I appreciate this new function it sure have added some value to the overall platform experience.


Reply to @fixmyprocess: I could defintely understand that aspect, but if I was a buyer and paid for a gig and then was sending in information and specific questions, I would think why are they sending me all this general stuff and maybe get annoyed. I guess over time the community will see how it plays out. My main question is will sellers be as prompt in trying to respond to things, that’s where I think it would get annoying. Be we shall see. Everyone, at least all the sellers seemed to be thrilled about it.


This is a brilliant feature that will save me so much time with commonly-asked questions. Great idea from Fiverr. If you could please add to the “delivery” window as well that would be absolutely fantastic and speed up deliveries even more. Thanks Fiverr!


I can’t wait to see what happens when buyers get fed up with canned responses as just another step from simply getting what they ordered. The forum’s going to get pretty busy. :slight_smile:


Reply to @godfather: When someone orders, I always respond with, “Thanks for your order. I’ll have it back to you within the 7 day deadline.” That’s one potential response for you, and I’m so happy I don’t have to type it every time now!


Reply to @silberma1976: Without being specific and giving all your secrets away…what kind of responses have you created?


it was long overdue, great…


Reply to @juiceex: Oh, wow! I assumed it was already added there. If it’s not I hope they add it soon. I thought the 2 delivery scripts I added would also work there. Now I gotta get busy on my next order so I can see if it shows up there too. (keeping my fingers crossed).


I never noticed this - I think it’s great, I’ve just added a general response I usually send to buyers that just order 1-3 gigs and that I haven’t had prior conversations with. I like to acknowledge a buyer when they order just so they know I am on the job!


I absolutely love this feature! I get a lot of people asking the same questions and I hate having to go copy and paste or retype the message. This makes it so much easier and faster. I think this is one of the best features they have added for a while.


Reply to @lunabea: I don’t think this feature is available on the order page but only on the conversation page. At least I don’t see it on the order page. Is that the same for everyone else?


I think it’s beautiful. I may just weep.


FINALLY!! I love this new feature. I get asked the same questions all the time and have always had to open a text file where I keep my standard answers. This is soooo much better.

Now they just need to add this same feature to the “DELIVER YOUR ORDER” window. I keep my canned “thank you’s” in a text file as well and would LOVE to have this incorporated there as well.

Great new feature guys!


Reply to @steveeyes:

I dont see it on order page too :confused: ?


Wow I agree to, I love it.


Is this for buyers to contact sellers before they order or is this only after someone has purchased a gig?

When a gig is purchased, there is always a message sent asking for instructions, why wouldn’t sellers have included more information there all this time?


its great and appreciated. fiverr team doing great things every day. thumbs up and



I’ve already used this feature twice!.. fantastic!!!


Reply to @sincere18: This is for when a potential BUYER contacts a SELLER. Often as a seller, I am asked the same questions each day. This new feature allows me to easily access my “canned” answers and respond to them even faster.