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New Rating System A Pain

Ok, this new rating system coupled with Fiverr’s lousy excuse for customer support is ridiculous. Listen to this story. A buyer placed an order relating to one of my 3D text animations, in his order he desired sound fx. I stated calmly and nicely, that I do not provide sfx in this gig and even went so far as to send a link to another Fiverr Author who I believe would get the job done. The buyer agreed and I started the order. I completed the order and guess what he requested a modification and says “where is the sound fx bro???”.

I was about to lose it, but calmly reminded him of the situation. He said “ok ok” and gave me 3/5 stars. So now, all my gig extras for that gig disappeared because apparently, 4.3/5 is not good. Really? So I got downgraded on something I do not provide? It’s just too bad that Fiverr customer support will not acknowledge these flaws in their system!


Frustrated Seller

Update 7-4-2014:

So one of my clients here on Fiverr received a 24hr animation service on time with about 14 minutes left. The buyer was happy and all is well, then up pops the buyer requesting a gig extra and since the gig extra doesn’t require anymore extra days the countdown restarting at 14 minutes. I think this is absurd! Why are gig extras allowed to be bought so late, if anything gig extras should be allowed to be purchased anywhere from 50% of the time left to complete the gig, now the gig is stating I am late in my delivery! Whaat? Fiverr are you insane?

Wait, all you gig extras disappeared and you know it’s because of your RATING!!!

Can you contact CS and confirm this first, please?

I truly hope this is just a bug. Please let us know what CS has to say once you get a reply!

Yea, to clarify it’s the gig extras on that particular gig not on all gigs, but because of that it makes it fairly useless even for 4.3/5 to be rated by their system as ‘not good enough’.

Naturally, CS is quiet, haven’t heard a single thing from them on this.

what? Your extras get removed due to less than 5 rating? This is a bit much.

A new fight is building with a new icon,For fiverr is still brushing us off.

Here is the new Icon for all to use.

Reply to @kjblynx: I still think it is absurd, if anything I can understand that happening for a rating of 3/5 but not a rating over 4 !