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New ratings change?

Did anyone notice new rating counter on gigs?
Now customer can see how many ratings you received in last 60 days, and when you click on it THEN they can see complete no. of ratings.



It shows it the old way on my profile.

I noticed that they gave me a hot pick crown as I have more returning buyers than the average seller.


Who knows. Just spotted this, weird thing I didnt see the hot pick crown

When I look at your profile it just says ***** 4.9 (1k+ reviews)

Probably it’s presented different to us depending on our location (?)

I understand Fiverr don’t want veteran sellers in their platform. Every change degrades us more and more. Now, the rating shows only the last 60 days (you have to place the cursor on it to show lifetime), like we are totally new here. This is a complete disaster.


there is a thread discussing this topic as well if you wanted some more insight … 🥁 Gigs will now show review count from past 60 days



Thank you, I found it already :slight_smile: However, after a deep analysis and thought, I think I found the reasons behind this movement.

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You have!? Please share! :sunglasses::hugs:I’d love to know why… as it’s at least partially crippled me… (Not totally) but I have for sure noticed a decline in my sales.

Please share & comment if it is an advantage in someway!

This. Thought the same thing exactly.

I will try to write an article about this later this day if I have enough time, as I am now a bit overbooked.

Here you are:

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