New Ratings is Killing Sellers on Fiverr


Hi all ill put you into funny situations and you have to answer what will you do to avoid your level demotion :slight_smile:

  1. Imagine if you are sleeping and your buyer sends you a message on fiverr and you fail to reply fast will you stop sleeping for 8 hours ?

  2. On vacation mode you still have to reply to messages.

  3. you have to deliver on time and your buyer is not responding you have started the work and its not complete and you need more info from buyer … will you just deliver what you have and after ten days when he is back gets angry that you didn’t complete the work and you completed the order. Fiverr Customer Support will send you warning on your account for breaking TOS. So will you let this buyer get you demotion which means no more orders.

  4. You have to be over 90% in all fields if you want to keep your level, whereas buyers want unlimited free revisions and if you ask them to pay extra for extra revisions then you are putting your 5 star review at stake. Too nice of you is going to Hurt your fiverr level buyers will eventually make your order status as Late.

  5. In schools we all want our children to get 90% results but all aren’t that smart or tough. Do we punish them by taking something back from them which we gave them last month. or taking back something from them which they had for a long time. Fiverr should treat its sellers as children and should care for them as they are the ones who keep this website alive… you are a bad seller if you get 89% you get demoted.

  6. All this is very scary if you were making good sales one month and suddenly you lose level and you lose almost 80% business … and when you are not getting new orders how can you improve the ratings. This makes sellers on fiverr take extreme actions and is getting their accounts deleted for breaking TOS. I know there are safety measures as well but we should be first trained what to do when earthquake comes or what to do when there is a news of a bomb in our building. Fiverr Just threw a bomb on all sellers without any warnings or training videos by email telling how you can maintain the account over 90% in all fields.

  7. [political comment removed]

  8. :slight_smile: while i was typing this topic i hired a guy from [unapproved url removed] to watchout for my fiverr account :slight_smile: paid him 20$

I know there is going to be a lot of critics on this topic so first please read all what i said then comment.

Best Regards


Well - we might as well all pack it now! :sunny:

What are you complaining about exactly?


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Let’s not. Demanding that I do something, merely for your benefit. is not good forum etiquette.


Jon also shares invaluable business advice. Unfortunately, it often falls on deaf ears, but hey ho!

I do agree with a few of your points. Being punished for cancellations that weren’t your fault seems to be the biggest issue with the new system.

We did have a suggestion thread, which Fiverr has probably viewed. We’ll have to see if they respond.


Have you read the whole thread ???


Yes - and I still don’t know what you’re compaining about.


i am not complaining i am looking for resolutions for problems people can and are facing.


Dead easy - you broke 3rd party ToS and you had your account closed.

And you ha 2 accounts at the same time. :wink: The same profile pic is a giveaway!


Ugh! It’s amazing how people come to the forum to moan. When it’s clear that they broke TOS violations. tsk. tsk. tsk. You did it, can’t blame others or Fiverr.


You carry on pal :wink: member since November 2012 member since December 2015

Both with the same image!


BUSTED! :hushed:


i am not hiding :slight_smile:

i wrote same name same picture … don’t you think i am leaving clues


I think even Miss Marple could solve this with her eyes closed.

Your first account was closed due to 3rd party ToS violations and now you’ve come to complain about… well nothing really.


how can you know its closed for Third party TOS violations i got email from fiverr saying order delivered incomplete is your crime.


Just shout ‘guilty as charged’ and we’d think an awful lot more of you! :rofl:


He never answered about creating TWO accounts. :thinking:
Who is at fault here?


in five years how many mistakes have you made???

have you stayed on number 1 position for one keyword of fiverr for 5 years ??

i am honest and i am not ashamed of speaking truth this is how i live.

first try to be like me then lose your account cos of one mistake then you can laugh at me.


Nae hearts left, but you’re quite right @nikavoice :purple_heart::purple_heart:


I think I’ll pass. I have better role models in my life.