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New recommendation for improvement

How can i improve my gig? It’s been a month, I made this gig. I haven’t got any oder yet. Anyone please help me.

There are a few grammatical errors in this gig, for example -

Your gig title is “I Will Be Your Virtual Assistance For Data Entry And Web Research”. Assistance should be “Assistant”.

In every package ‘description’, you open with “I will be doing all kind of Data Entry”. Replace “be doing all kind” with “do all kinds”.

Something else I just noticed is the start of your “About This Gig” section. I don’t think any of the text before the question “Do you have a large amount of data to enter?” is necessary, it’s probably best to just get straight to the point.

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@mhallvoice Thank you so much. What a terrible mistake I did. Now the word assistance is also written in URL of my gig. It’ll affect my gig’s SEO. What should I do now? I can’t even delete it because I already have 600 impressions

Well, you can change your SEO title on the same page you change the displayed gig title. I don’t think your link matters that much. Links are only a problem if they’re completely different to the service you’re actually offering.

@mhallvoice I have read somewhere that links do affect Gig’s SEO that’s why I was worried. Are my gig’s images and profile picture okay? By the way, thank you for your help

They look fine to me.

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@mhallvoice If you have time can you check my other gig too? Because you figured out really big mistakes
Here is the link of my other gig.