New recruit here! I'd love some tips!


I’ve never tried any sites like this so I’m pretty excited! But I just can’t seem to get any views on my gig. I’m doing tattoo art commissions if that helps, maybe give my gig a critique if you can? Thank you!


First of all you need to fill in your description telling people about you and the service you offer. Check other gigs to see how this is done but do not copy them.


I love tattoos and the most “challenging” part of having one is to make the artist understand what I want. So, kudos for this original gig idea!

As @lloydsolutions suggested, you need to create an appealing gig description so that prospects get an idea of what you offer. Be as detailed as possible! Also, write a small introduction about you, it gives a bad impression for clients to read the prompt that is addressed to you (the about me excerpt).

Additionally, you can revamp your packages and make them more detailed :slight_smile: so that you avoid misunderstandings (veeeery important) aka dimensions, shades, words included, figures included…

Are you a tatoo artist btw or just an illustrator?


Just need to elaborate on that. I was referring to the profile description.


Hang on, i have something for this.



Whoops, I actually had one before but it got deleted for having “personal information”. Should be back up now.


Yes that’s what I was thinking, all of my tattoos I was able to draw myself so the artist knew exactly what I was wanting but I know some people just don’t have that skill so I’m here to help :slight_smile:

I’m an illustrator for now, just waiting on my son to start preschool to start my tattoo apprenticeship.