New Resolution Center images, is this a dating site now?


What is up with the profile images above the Resolution Center box? It looks like Fiverr is taking UI ideas from Tinder?


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lolol i thought the same thing, i feel very connected to my buyers now


I approve of this post. Perhaps they should put a little favorite heart in the middle. It’s ideal for those fraught moments when you need to go to the resolution center, reminding you to show a little tenderness to your fellow man.

Or, instead of fixing that issue where the countdown timer and requirements thing doesn’t show up so you have to hit F5 over and over until it works, this was the selected update.

D’aww! (DJ, your discussion is about notes now so I am posting here)


So it isn’t just me… The countdown/requirements glitch is driving me mad!!

But yeah. I totally second the little favorite heart idea.


No, see, that’s not Fiverr’s fault. You have to delete your cash and eat some cookies or something. Whatever, the problem is definitely on your end. Nothing wrong with Fiverr, nope.


Bit like when I was told that the feedback policy page was still extant a couple of months ago (it wasn’t), I just needed to refresh my (etc etc etc etc). It’s not even cached on Google anymore despite being the top result.

Meanwhile, the feedback removal policy has changed, there’s no page explaining this change or how it works, and we now have a more cuddly resolution center. I’m just sayin’…


This is the sort of thing you will now see in the resolution center if there is a dispute with @emmaki
If the buyer goes into rage mode.