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New Response Rate feature

Since the implementing of the response rate feature about a week ago, has anyone seen their rating go down? Mine was at 100%, with avg response time at 1 hour, and today I see it’s dropped to 88%!!! I have NO idea why that happened because I am constantly on my app checking order stats and any new messages, and am on my computer with Fiverr pulled up and again am constantly checking it that way as well. It’s very, very rare if I don’t respond immediately to a message. I did receive a message overnight that I didn’t get to until 6 hours later (b/c I was asleep) but answered as soon as I woke up. So I guess I’m a bit confused with this. I read the article regarding the new policy, and says we have 24 hours to respond back to messages. I did, so I’m at a loss right now. Does anyone have any thoughts on why the rating would have dropped like that over the course of just one night? And has anyone else experienced this?

Thank y’all!


My rating dropped to 89% and is slowly climbing, but it doesn’t change how awesome I am and how much my clients love me!

Just be awesome and don’t sweat the stats. Awesome always wins!

Reply to @ellaisreading: I can imagine. I know I’ve been hyper aware of it since it showed up. I used to obsess over my response time, keeping it at 1 or 2 hours, but now I’m over it.

Reply to @vectormoon: I would assume so - but I think I read somewhere it’s only for the first message. If a new buyer messages you and you don’t respond in 24 hours, your response rate goes down. But if you have a conversation happening with them, as long as you responded to that first message, you aren’t obligated to respond to EVERY message. If the conversation’s over, it can end without penalty.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll probably do that! I know it’s not shown to buyers, but as you said, it’s one of those things that we (perfectionists) want to be perfect :slight_smile: And I know I’m on top of things so it just upset me to see that.

Thanks again!

Does the response rate go down if you are only viewing the message, without writing anything back?

You might report that as a bug. I’ve been able to keep mine at 100% by responding to messages within 24 hours.

That being said, I’m not sure what bearing the response rate has on anything right now. As far as I can tell it isn’t posted on the profile or the gigs. It’s just one of those things us type A’s obsess over.

@vectormoon, the response from @evpassino is my understanding as well.

@landongrace, your response made me laugh! :slight_smile: I’m pretty confident about myself and my clients too, but it just bugs me that it’s dropped like that when there is no reason for it.

I’ve boycotted it completely - I wrote a greasemonkey script to take it off my screen.

It’s the most pointless thing I’ve seen. If you want more orders, you respond. If you’re happy with where you’re at, you respond to what you want to. Forcing people to respond to every message doesn’t solve any issue that I’m aware of. I also assume buyers message multiple sellers and are not waiting weeks for a single person to get back to them.

Reply to @buzzkillington: I like your response! Haha!! I agree that we shouldn’t be “punished” for not responding, but at the same time I guess this is Fiverr’s way of making sure we stay on top of things and don’t leave a potential client hanging. I get it, but like you said, it should be up to us if we respond or not. However, even if I don’t have time to take on any extra work at the time, I always send a message back stating that. I don’t like to leave anyone in the dark if they’ve reached out to me. I would hope others would do the same, but sadly, maybe that’s why this has started…so Fiverr makes sure everyone gets some type of response. Maybe that’s why they implemented the fast response as well. In case we don’t have time to send a message, just send a generic one that states if we can or can’t do the work and we’ll get back to them.

Anyway, the whole thing is a little frustrating and I don’t like that it seems we’re (the sellers) having to walk a fine line when it comes to our business. But again, if this is Fiverr’s way of making sure people get a response, that’s fine. I just don’t like to be rated on it.

It’s such a flawed and poorly thought out thing that they’ve forced on us.

No matter what mobile app, or alert systems, or quick responses you may have, it doesn’t do anything to have your rate dropped when perhaps you were sleeping at the time and unable to immediately answer that 3 am message?

I receive messages from buyers in other countries with much different time zones than my own, and unable to answer the message that I’m sent when I’m not even conscious. Punished for being and having human needs?

A VERY overlooked problem here.

I too have just noticed that my ratings have fallen overnight from 100% to 67% and there is absolutely no messages that I have not responded to within a few minutes or hours after being received. This is ridiculous. Fiverr need to fix their system or get rid of this feature.

Reply to @perfectworker: Amen!! I hate to say this, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who had this happen. Maybe there is a glitch in the system since you and I seem to be of the same mindset on answering messages. I hardly ever go over an hour without checking, and sometimes it’s three or four times an hour just so I can respond super fast in case they have messaged multiple sellers. I want to be the first one they hear back from.

I hope it gets better and your rate goes back up! But I hope they get a lot of complaints and trash it. It’s irrelevant to the buyer since all they’re seeing is the response time (mine is 1 hour) so why do I need the extra stress of seeing a rating? Anyway, thanks for the response!

Reply to @jackllartin: I agree. It is flawed and wasn’t thought out very well. Especially if a rating was at a constant 100% and then all of a sudden dropped to 88% overnight. Literally.

And I’m like you in that I receive messages from customers who are in Australia, India, Canada, Brazil, France, I could go on. So you’re right, there is no way we can respond to those right then, so it just really frustrates me that we would be punished for it.

Thanks for the response! Hopefully if it’s a glitch, it will be fixed.

Just an update, my rating is back up to 100% this morning :wink:

Yeah, mine too. I think they stopped applying responses to existing conversations toward the percentage.

Like jackllartin said…it is just a was to force us, we cannot even sleep, eat or live our life, we are like robots. so i don’t care about this

I thought this was funny. Now facebook is implementing it too! Hahahahah!! What ever use this has to them, must now be an industry standard. Everyone is trying to get me to answer EVERYONE and it’s not going to happen. lol. :slight_smile: I’m okay with the stat that 95% of my messages I respond to. I’m also at 5% cancellation rate and I’m okay with that as it’s more like 2% if buyers would stop ‘making mistakes’. You can’t please everyone, and you will have some bad apples in the bunch. I take real good care of that 95-98% and care less about the 2-5% as it’s their loss, not mine. :slight_smile: