New Revenue Page Tools: Export & Filter Options


We’ve added some new tools to the Revenues page.

You can now:

  • Filter revenues by month

  • Filter revenues by year

  • Export revenues to a CSV file


If we could get the $ sign removed this feature would be really useful :slight_smile: Thanks for implementing it!


Another step in the right direction. This is awesome!


In the export file there should be buyer name on each row, so we sellers can group infos and perform advanced analysis…

More: $ sign must be removed from CSV or mathematical functions won’t work (eg on Excel).

That said, thank you for this new feature as it’s really really useful for us!!


Excellent Fiverr. Thank you!


Great… Thank you Fiverr


Easy to navigate than before. Thanks.


Just tried it out. Looks good!


@Newbold3D It’s been removed Tom :smiley:


wow awesome feature … B-)


This is really helpful! Thanks!


we will wait for a certification generate system for earnings.


This is a feature which I was hoping for a long time. Finally I got it. Thanks fiverr.


Hi Great addition on fiverr. I’m also hoping to have the choice to make it a pdf file and a computation of monthly earnings just like on how paypal reports works . I really hope to see this in the future as fiverr is keep improving. Thank you!


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Nice little new features ! thanks


Thanks Fiverr, this will help a lot of people during tax season.


@natalieb Hi, how do we see total revenue, for all time? My revenue number for the selected period goes down when I withdraw. Unless I keep a hand ledger, it seems, I will lose track of my all time earnings? Am I correct?


@kjblynx No, that number is minus what I have withdrawn when I look at it. Some other sellers have posted similar concerns. Maybe Fiverr will get it worked out.