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New REVIEW questions for sellers!


I went to reply to a review a client left and was so pleased to see a popup window asking about my experience with the buyer…(sorry I didn’t screen shot it). I’m unclear if this is strictly confidential or the buyer also sees it but I appreciated a step in the right direction for sellers.


It will be attached with the review your buyer posted.
Your review will be available for public display but only on the gig description page.

Buyer does not get a notification, FYI.


Effective immediately, I’ve decided to no longer leave reviews. I’m just going to let the orders auto complete after 3 days.

5r is keeping too many secrets, creating mistrust between buyers and sellers. Seller Private Feeback, Buyer Private Feedback, Disclaimers, on and on.


Agreed! If you’re going to say somebody was awful - tell them to their face - it’s only fair! Also, possibility of leaving great private feedback and horrible public, or vice versa. Why is so much feedback even needed?


Please leave reviews for my orders! :blush: [Provided you order :confused: ]


They keep adding steps to the process.

I as a seller noticed that ever since the start system was implemented, orders that were closed by the buyers vs auto-completing were on the rise.

Nowadays with all the forms, and questions, and what not, things are ridiculous. I get 1 review per 10 orders or so.


Okay, I’m beginning to get on my own nerves. What the heck is wrong with me? I’m whining like a kid. :frowning:

I’m on vacation, I should be stress free and happy. :grin::laughing:

Okay, I’m going to be cheerful from now on, BOOM, done!


@gina_riley2 I’m sorry you feel so impacted by this. You sound like an amazing buyer that any seller would love to work with. I do hope this doesn’t deter you. It is unfortunate so many systems have to even be implemented to protect buyers and sellers alike on the count of some rotten apples in the bunch (I do think both sellers and buyers should be equally protected). Please enjoy your vaca! :sunny:

I just saw it for the first time minutes ago and had no idea how it even worked until @djgodknows clarified.


from ordering 20+ gigs, I noticed there is two reviews…one for the seller and one that go es to Fiverr itself (confidential).


You should stay calm and leave the review for your awesome seller’s sake. :upside_down_face:


:joy: Oh Gina you made me laugh, you are just funny. Let Fiverr rest and enjoy your vacation. Don’t drive yourself crazy.

I just replied to a review and I didn’t get a pop up.

Agree, it def. changed things


You need a stiff drink, Gina. Take yourself off for a Flaming Lamborghini somewhere nice and put your feet up. No need to be worrying about reviews on your day off. You’ll get as bad as me and start having nightmares about late deliveries.