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New Review System - Too Difficult

I have noticed one thing, when buyer marks order as complete, fiverr does not ask to leave review. It is very bad. Now you have to manually request buyer to leave review… Please change this peculiar system.


it depends on buyer whether to give review or not but i saw after approving order i do get option for giving review

One of my clients told me that he was shown the option for review after a day. I am not sure if that was a bug.

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notifications can come late sometimes but most time as soon as you approve order then tell you to give review

As far as I know, you don’t have to do that. My buyers are reviewing my work without problems.


Same Here, I am also having reviews after submitting my deliveries.

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I am a buyer and a seller on Fiverr. I have found that as a buyer I had two opportunities to leave a review. If buyers do not leaving reviews, it may be because they do not want to or they are short on time. :wink:


Not leaving a review is better than leaving a bad one, so that might be what they are thinking.


Buyer can complete the order without reviewing the service. It happened with me. I got a review one week later after he completed the order. He reviewed my design when he could print it well and hassle-free. And it was nearly 7 days later of the completing the order. I thought this is the way running from long ago. I see it is a new way of accepting the order now.