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🙆‍♂️ New Review System - Why?

I have a question regarding the new review system. I understand that a lot many people have raised concern about it and most are already satisfied. I do not have any say anywhere as Fiverr won’t change their policy for me.

Having said this, I just want to get a clarification about this policy. Here is an image of 3 gigs. Just look at the number of reviews.

The first one has 1 review, the second one has 1 and the last one has 4. Does this show the real figure to the buyer? If I was the buyer, I would surely think that the last guy is the best in this lot.

However, the fact is different.
The first gig has only 1 review and it is during the last 60 days. So, it shows 1/1.
The second gig has 64 reviews, with 1 obtained during last 60 days. So, it shows 1/64.
The third one has 4-lifetime reviews and 0 reviews in last 60 days. So, it is showing 4/4.

Is this fair? Can anyone please help me understand the advantage of having this system online? I am sure 95% buyers will not bother to hover their mouse over the reviews to see the lifetime reviews. And if this is what we wish them to do, then why hide it at all?

:pray: Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I saw this thread and read the whole of it. I am sure this is very informative and I wish Fiverr is listening to what Juan has written. Makes sense to me - a lot of sense!


The advantage rests with the fact that regular sellers are made to look like professional lost causes. In Fiverr’s mind, buyers will realize this and decide to trust a fabulous pro seller. Of course, buyers who have more than one brain cell will realize exactly what is afoot and will most likely try their luck elsewhere.

Welcome to the Fiverr Dark Ages


I thought the end of Fiverr would come as them closing the shop, that would’ve been quicker to get over and less painful. But all these illogical, nonsense changes & features worthy of a Twilight Zone sequel are just a continuous nervous wreck :confused:


Fiverr is changing things too quickly we are yet to compltely fit into chnages like every month evaluation and here Fiverr is coming with some changes which increase not only only the work load but a person any how has to work if in order to keep Reviews coming so they show up in the last 60 days stat

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I stand by my previous assessment with Fiverr.

It’s throwing ideas at the wall, hoping one sticks and forcing the ones that don’t work to stick.


I used to think this but I don’t anymore. I think everything we have seen and still are seeing, is a direct attempt to leverage Pro.

I think the reason we have never had a solution (or official comment) concerning problems with St.Levels, rests with the fact that Fiverr wants sellers to lose levels to make Pro sellers look like the bees knees.

The 60-day review catastrophe is the exact same MO stepped up a notch. I’ll also bet that when Fiverr does spring ID checks on us without official notice, they will only do so when they think that Pro is coming of age and they want to clear the mek-seller foliage so that everyone can see the PRO trees more clearly.

  • I agree, but at what cost?

Isn’t this a little scary?

… and that would be sad.
I know for sure that there are a lot of people (including me) from the Indian subcontinent for whom Fiverr is the major source of income. They put in a lot of effort to keep their gigs shown on the front page and if Fiverr wants them to go, it will harm them and their families a great deal!

Since all the changes Fiverr has made for one reason or another…It’s like you never know what tomorrow will happen.

I get less and less orders since those changes and I feel the three years I was working hard, gaining reviews etc, were in vain…


… it is all about what you did in last 60 days, now.

Veteran of 3 Years? Have 300 Reviews?

Duh! Doesn’t matter anymore…

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I’ve been here for 8 years - Fiverr started in February 2010; I started offering my services in October 2010. And, the way things are going, it feels like it’s been for naught! I dedicated my time to clients from around the world, only to have Fiverr tell me how to run my business now.

And, the reality, before anyone jumps in and says you run your business - that’s not entirely true anymore. If you work on Fiverr, you work by Fiverr’s asinine rules of maintaining a cancellation ratio that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. In the past, we could say who we wanted and not wanted to work with by canceling orders that did not meet our gig stipulations or whatever.

Now, you’re pretty much beholden to them for fear of losing levels. How is that running a business for yourself? You cancel one time, and it could sentence you to a level drop. That’s not a good system. The funniest part about all this is that they use a 60-day model to do their evaluations but show us NOTHING in analytics about 60 days (30 days and 90 days). Yeah… that was smart on their thinking.

This Pro idea is not going to change people’s view of Fiverr. Until it addresses the multiple bugs, the chargebacks and cancellation effects, NOTHING Fiverr does will make the platform better (IMHO).


Yep. And whoever had the stroke of genius that wiping away our reviews will lead to buyers going Pro needs sending for a drugs test.

Reputation management starts with trying not to turn your entire user base against you. Fiverr is now the most expensive platform for buyers and the least reliable for freelancers to consider using. Meanwhile, Fiverr is telling out of work people in San Francisco how rewarding it can be to set up shop as a freelancer here.

There’s this outward projection of this trendy, cool company. Then there’s the used car salesman underbelly of the beast. You can’t have a company be both those things at once. People see through it in 5-seconds.


I have been seeing so many Top Sellers demoted to Level 2 …and Level 2 to Level 1…who as well have been for years working on fiverr and I am sure they do fantastic work…

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I had a previous buyer who kept ordering and asking to cancel afterwards because he claims those were mistake orders made by him and his staff, which I’m not sure if I should believe or not considering the not so great conversation I’ve had with him before. But it could be just that, mistakes.

When confronted and asked him if it he had something with me personally and wanted to demote me, he said something along the lines “I don’t want to do that, it’s just cancellations, I didn’t leave bad reviews?”

Conclusion: buyers know that a cancellation is part of any business in this world and shouldn’t have such a negative/final/abrupt impact on a business, so it should not be considered as a means of destruction demotion :roll_eyes:


Spot on. And I’m so sick of being held hostage by buyers. Yesterday a new to Fiverr user messaged me in appalling English. They wanted me to agree to make a video for them but would not send me any details prior to agreeing to work with them. I spotted that the buyers time zone was way out from their location. Then I found the company they want to promote is located in ‘one of those’ red flag countries.

I told the buyer I couldn’t help. Then came the classic: "I’ll ordre now and help you. We need female scrpt and voiceover."

I do not offer voice overs at all and knew how this order would go down. (Chargeback/cancellation most likely.) In this case, I had to pause my gig quickly and have only now reactivated it. - How on Earth is this a reasonable way to have to work?

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Also, I still have a 1-star review on my profile left by a buyer who has since charged back on an order.

Where is the customer support that the recent 150% fee increase paid for? Were is a CS agent who will look at a situation like the above and say, “Hi, sorry about that, I see the problem, I’ll get that order cancelled and/or that review removed for you.” - Or at least something remotely human and actionable?

Added to that, where are the Fiverr Ambassadors? Where are the community leaders stepping up to say, “Hey Fiverr, you’ve really broke the camels back with your latest craziness.” - Where is anything remotely reasonable happening?

There’s nothing but either sycophants, apologists, or complete silence.


I thought I was the only one doing this to dodge some magic bullets :roll_eyes:

I remember some of them lately being ignored by Fiverr, too. Not sure, though… there’s a bit too much silence.


I wish they knew how much these impact us these days. One cancellation drops my “Orders Completed” by more than 10% and that goes below 90% which I must better in 60 days. But wait - there is an evaluation around the corner - next 15th? So what am I? DOOMED!

Few buyers also know about how the cancellation affect us and they do not fail to take proper advantage of it!



I am scared of this too!
But then, I am not sure what to do if Fiverr throws me out of business. What will happen to my pride of being a Freelancer and doing my “own business?”



If I’m not mistaken, it does not include custom offers.

That’s a new one!!!

Are you sure?