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🙆‍♂️ New Review System - Why?

I think it does … all my reviews are from custom offers …

Has anyone else noticed how when you click on gigs with no reviews from the past 60-days, you get the following:


It’s like an alarming warning that the seller is so :poop: they’ve never sold anything. - Unless you are willing to go right to the bottom of the order page.

Someone just PM’d me to say that some of the famous ambassadors are themselves very demoralized and indeed being ignored by Fiverr staff. - If true, that’s a very sorry state of affairs.

I think I also just found a Fiverr dev working on a competing freelance platform were they seem to be super popular and busy. (You can tell by all the reviews they have. - Hundreds going back a couple of years.) If it is one of the Fiverr team, it’s very double standard-like in a way…

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I have seen gigs with no reviews in last 60 days. Check the first message. But in that case, we see all the reviews - lifetime reviews in the gig. I didn’t see a Zero - probably there were no reviews at all on that gig, like never ever!

I don’t see that with my own gigs in the search results. I see an accurate number displayed unless I have more than 1,000 reviews, then I see 1K instead of 4K or whatever the real number is.


Welcome to the PC club.

Check in Public / Buyer view. You can see.

Anyways, if you check my gigs, you will see what we are discussing about.

Is it revoked? :slight_smile:

I don’t see it anymore on my profile!