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New rule request: all buyers must contact the sellers first, before ordering!

I understand that sellers are happy when they get orders from buyers.
But there is a downfall to this, when the buyers order by mistake (because they do not read the description of the gig) or buyers ask for a complicated assignment, or request something that not stated in the gig description.

It is unfortunate that sellers have to request a cancellation every time a buyer makes a mistake or request something that not stated in the gig description.

Instead of allowing the buyers to order directly (without contacting the sellers), why don’t we have a rule that all buyers must contact the sellers first, before making any orders.

Maybe an option is to have a button that says “Request this Order” so not only the seller know this buyer want to work with him/her but the seller make the choice whether to proceed or not.

Please respond, I wonder what your thoughts are in this.

As pleasant as the suggestion sounds, not all Buyers nor Sellers will take to this. There are some Sellers that don’t like to have their time wasted by back and forth chatter especially when it doesn’t lead to an actual gig purchase.

Then there are Buyers who may feel the same way and would much prefer to purchase a gig in hopes that its as described. That or some see time as money and would much prefer to cut to the chase and make a purchase.

Either way, ‘Contact Seller First’ will likely be a hit or miss.

Please, no! I think a lot of us already get too many unnecessary messages. While I’d love the ability to accept or reject an order after it’s been placed, instead of having to rack up cancellations because the buyer didn’t read or is being a jerk, having to answer questions from every single buyer, before they can place an order would be ridiculous.

Adding extra steps into the purchase process is a good way to divert buyers and allow them to get distracted before actually placing an order. I much prefer buyers to just place an order, instead of sending me a message about something that’s already clearly explained in the my gig description. I’ve worked hard to make sure those descriptions/gig titles explain what a buyer can expect when they place an order to me. I don’t want to have to tell every single one that information, too.

That will only add more complications to the process and will result in considerable decline in orders mainly due to the response times especially if you are from two different countries