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New Scam Floating Around

Today I have received several messages for people pretending to want to order my writing gig. They keep directing me to random websites that contain a “complete survey” to access content. I am thinking it is a virus or something if you press it. So, I am just warning other writers here to be aware of these people sending out the message. I have checked the users profiles and so far they all are registered in Pakistan. It is becoming rather annoying logging back and forth on the site when I am trying to work because of message notifications. I have been reporting them via the message form but not sure how long it is going to take CS to pick up on this situation. Has anyone else been getting these messages?

I am definitely reporting this. I hope that find out soon what is going on. I am thinking it is one person with multiple accounts. I just hate wasting my time to open a message that is a scam.

Yep… same here… I have the same issue… have reported them.

I got one this morning. I didn’t click on the link, but I came here to the forums to see if anyone else has been sent one. I also reported it, thanks! :slight_smile:

This is still continuing. Woke up to two more this morning. I hope CS gets to the bottom of this soon.