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New Search Algorithm :(

Hello People,

My First Post was that Fiverr make Stand once Again and i Shared my Success Story. But Once Fiverr Changed it Search Algorithm i just watching that my I get Any order :frowning: like in Simple Words my Gig is seems like not working now its come on some back pages but no order at all

Does anyone else Faced anything Like this, Please share and also if any solution?

Shahaan Shaukat

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Read through the forum and you will find lots of posts about this.

Same here
Got good amount orders when fiverr announced update but for last 2 weeks everything is died
I haf more orders with 1k impressions before then now when my gig hit 6k impressions without order
So I have only one opinion about this
My gigs appear now for wrong and not targeted people
So You decide if I have seo services and they appear for people who want to buy logos who will buy my gigs?

I have a gig on the first row of the search results, and today I haven’t gotten a single order, even though I’m charging $10 for the basic package.

One of my competitors is charging $30, he has two orders.
Someone else is charging $15, he has four orders.

Can you draw conclusions from this? Not really. Buyers order when they order, and whether you’re on the first row or the last it doesn’t matter, because eventually you will be fond and get orders or not.

You can go from making $50 to $100 in one day, to making $8, $20, or $0.

What matters is if your monthly average for this month is higher than last month. If you go from $22 a day on average to $25, you’re moving forward.

If you go from 12% of your orders being refunded to 8%, that’s also progress. I’m happy that this month I’ve gotten $46 in tips, last month I only got $28.

So hang in there, you’ll survive the doldrums.

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I think most senior sellers facing this issue. And hope fiverr will solve this issue. When a buyer search for A gig by sort by Average Customer review results are not matching AT ALL.