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New Seller? 10 tips to improve your gig and become a level 1 seller


I started working on fiverr a month ago.
I’ve completed 11 orders.
Right now, I’m a level 1 seller and excited for the level 2 seller.
My secret guide to become a level 1 seller is…
The title of your gig should have keywords which are most frequently searched.
Your gig’s description should make you stand out from other sellers.
Try to write a precise note on your gig’s description, giving bold headings on the sentence you want to emphasise.
The photo which is displayed on your gig should attract your customers, make it unique or try any seller from fiverr to design your gig’s photo professionally.
Buyer’s request is the key to success.
Please don’t hesitate to request a buyer.
I always request buyers to get the orders.
Try to be on the top 5, of the offers sent to the buyer.
Be active on blogs, forums.
Share your gigs on social media.
Complete your first order and be very polite to your buyer and ask if he/she needs anything else.
Last but not the least have patience.

I’m new here,I’m not getting any orders,please guide me how to get orders


Buyers requests section!
i started selling on fiverr Last year September and so far completed over 200 orders.
More than 50% of these orders were from the buyers request section.
Set up your gig with a professional feel and get an attractive gig photo & possibly, great portfolio.
Good luck!


Surely i will do it with my best to be a standard seller.


Isn’t everyone a standard seller in the beginning…
Btw, any special reason to bump this 9 month old thread?


100% True and if you are new on fiverr send buyer request every day because in beginning 80% order came from buyer request.
I’m a level, two seller, now but every day I send buyer request and get orders :slight_smile: