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New Seller 160 buyer requests sent but no response why

New Seller 160 buyer requests sent but no response why ???


Perhaps the many other sellers who are also sending offers to those buyers won the project. There is no guarantee that you will win orders from the Buyer Request section just because you sent an offer. You are competing against other sellers for those jobs. The best seller offer usually wins the job. So, instead of worrying about why YOU aren’t winning those jobs, write better offers.


Check this out:

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I’m new and also having the same problem. I guess I just gotta keep on writing and being patient.

Good We should have to focus on convincing buyers with our skill writing

Citation needed. The lucky seller, or the seller willing to sell his time for pennies, or the seller willing to be abused often gets the job. Not the best.

Buyer requests are a waste of time.

No citation needed. Fiverr is a competition-based marketplace. The best seller for a job usually wins the job. Not all buyers think this way, and many aren’t very good at selecting a great seller, but in most cases, the best seller for a job, who matches the needs of the buyer, wins the job.

I beg to differ. I’ve won many clients from the BR section over the years – far too many to count. I’ve done so by working to be the the best seller for the jobs I chose to compete for. I wrote great, targeted offers, I met the needs of those buyers, I was personable, friendly, helpful… The BR section is not hard to master, so long as you know what you’re doing, and you do it well.

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That will depend on what you mean by “best”. If by “best”, you mean the one who gets it, then by definition only the best ever get them. That’s not what I mean.

Most people posting buyer requests have no clue what they need, what they are asking, or if it can even be done. I can point to hundreds of examples. They don’t know how to pick a good seller from a bad one, price is almost always the number 1 priority, and I don’t feel like they pick the “best” in the vast majority of cases. In any case, if they did pick “the best”, the no level sellers would never get a single order from there, because any competent seller with reviews and portfolio would immediately look better than them as long as they sent a good pitch.

And of course, Pro’s and TRS would dominate everyone else, since they look objectively better just by looking at the profile, have a ton more social proof, are endorsed by the platform as “the best”, etc.

To conclude, the point of Fiverr is not having to pitch. There are far better platforms to bid on projects, with lower fees, etc. Buyer requests make no sense here.

Exactly. To win a buyer’s project in the BR section, you – the seller – need to stand out with the best offer, the best experience, the best match to the buyer’s needs. This is usually what happens, and this is usually why so many new sellers come to the forum and complain about not getting any “knocks” after sending 300 offers. The best offer usually wins. Be the best offer.

The cheapest offer has a good chance of winning, even if it’s not the best in a large number of cases.

I disagree quite strenuously. The buyer request section is all about the best pitch. And since this forum topic is about the buyer request section, yes, the best pitch usually wins the job.

Technically, the “best pitch” usually wins out of the marketplace too. Convincing someone to hire you – in any environment – is all about “the pitch”.

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Try to send proper buyer request with Main buyer requirements, Try to active online and keep update Your gig seo for rank

I’ve earned many three digit dollar orders out of the BR section. Again… it’s all about being the best offer. The best offer is not necessarily the cheapest. The best offer meets the needs of the buyer.

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You have to write good offers to compete with other sellers. I got my first three orders from the buyer request :slightly_smiling_face:

You say correctly.Thanks

I am also facing the same problem. So many buyer requests and no response. :thinking:

Same here. I write very detailed personal offers, and I offer very competitive pricing (aka really cheap) and I still haven’t gotten any inquires or replys. I’ve been on here for about a month. I’m really hoping an order comes, and soon.

People should consider spending more time working on their gigs, researching their competitors, looking at other gigs, and less time sending requests.

Fiverr wasn’t created as a bidding platform. Everyone else you have to bid, here, you can be found. Whether those impressions turn into conversions is a different matter.


Hey Jon …long time :slight_smile: I would have to disagree. What if a buyer scans through a seasoned sellers reviews and portfolio, and was more impressed by a newer sellers reviews and portfolio> its not always quantity, but quality that makes a better impression. What if a singer/songwriter wrote 100 songs and none made the billboard top 10, and a newcomer came along and had 10 top ten hits?

good say .thanks a lot

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