New Seller - 3D Printing Professional



I am a 3D Printing and Modeling professional offering some, hopefully, interesting gigs. I have experience in creating all sorts of 3d models for games, movies and 3d printing. Feel free to check out my profile for links to portfolio and some of my previous work.

If you have any questions, feel free to respond here or message me.

Thank you!



Hello Nikolay,

welcome to the forum and good luck with your gigs! :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you, miiila! :smile:


Your gig is a very unique one…I hope you added a video of you describing your service? You could get over 200% increase on your page views you know…just a tip though


Hmm I hadn’t thought of that. Thank you for the tip.
Is there anything you personally find confusing about what I am offering? Any questions?


Yes I found some bugs.

There’s really no need to be in a rush to setup your gig. For me, it pays off in the long run to take time researching the niche in which you want to start operating from.

Take for instance, I recently joined fiverr about a month now and I haven’t started selling. I’ve made the fiverr academy and the forum my number one ‘go to’ companion.

I strongly believe that my extensive research in my niche would surely pay off.

You can try same too


I will definitely keep learning from fiverr academy and the forum and am reading tips all the time.
Aside from that, I think that the gigs themselves are pretty clear on what I offer. Of course, I do take advice on what might be unclear. My key demographic are people who play board games (such as Dungeons and Dragons) and are looking for a certain miniature or item made for them. For anyone like that I believe that my services would be very useful (I know as I am a DnD player myself) and are pretty clear on what they get from them.

Thanks again for your responses!


Okay then. I wish you success


Thank you! :slight_smile: