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New Seller Account Suggetions

I am a new seller and publish already 3 gigs but only one order in 1 gig. Would anyone suggest to me how can get more about my gig?

Here is my one gig, this gig has got 1 order.

hi, active on fiverr most of the time, share your gig on social media and send buyer request daily, hope its help you to get order soon.

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welcome to fiverr forum.

keep it up

These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will do b2b lead generation
In the gig description:
“more than 05 years” could be “more than 5 years”
“my passion is to helping busy executives and small business owners” could be “my passion is helping busy executives and small business owners”

In all 3 package descriptions “name,tittle,” could be “name, title,”

In the FAQ section:
“When you can delivery?” could be “When you can deliver?” in question 1.

In the gig image it says “Titlle” instead of “Title” and it says “Adress” instead of “Address”.