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New Seller - Am I missing something?


Hey so I’ve always been aware of Fiverr and have been a member for years, but it wasn’t until very recent that I decided to try my hand at using my skills/profession to sell on Fiverr. Of course, I don’t expect to sell anything right away as their is loads of competition out there, but what I find very strange is that my gigs all have zero impressions.

I have 4 currently and they are listed as active. Is there something I am missing? I have other gigs I want to list as well, but before I do that, I want to see if I can find out why my existing ones are sitting at zero impressions, that way if I am doing something wrong, I can correct it before messing up any future gigs as well.

Thanks for reading!


Contact me .


Keep in mind stats are updated with delay.

I started selling recency and also notice it.


Reply to @sunshy1: If you have a useful comment, wouldn’t it be good to post it on the forums where others might benefit? I’m interested.


Agreed, stats are not instantly updated. But along with active gigs, you’ll also want to advertise your gigs somewhere so that you’re not left with only Fiverr searches to lead people to you. Post your gig on your blog, or on your Twitter, or using another type of social media to reach your desired audience. Best of luck!