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New seller analytics is amazing


Hey Guys did you check the new seller analytics feature :slight_smile: it;s cool


I have seen it on forum, it’s still not appearing from my end :frowning:


Just logout and login again maybe then it will appear :slight_smile:


Did it, not worked :open_mouth:


Then be passion and wait few hours maybe it appear :slight_smile:




Well , my spelling helper Grammarly not worked in forum :smiley: I also struggle for spelling :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! Hi! How are you? Are you new here?

Answer: Yes
Then: Ignore rest.

Answer: No
Then please look around before posting new threads about a thing which has been posted quite a few times. Thank you!


Well i just see New Seller Analytics on my fiverr profile and i post here :slight_smile:

Mod Note: Thanks for posting! Thread now closed.