New Seller - Any advice for gaining customers?


Hello everyone,

This forum looked like a good opportunity to say hi and introduce myself briefly…

I am new to freelancing, but have a backgrond in CAD and Design Engineering - this is my first foray into freelance CAD design. The work itself is no issue for me, I have experience of course, but it is getting the word out and finding customers which I feel will be the more difficult challenge.

The other complication I have is the lack of work examples I am allowed to display from my past career in defence (for obvious reasons), so I only have a few basic examples of work for my portfolio. I was thinking low initial entry prices in an effort to expand this?

I’ve seen from the listing system here that simply hoping to be found in a search is unlikely, the top results will all be the most popular and established listings - quite rightly too - so my thoughts would lead me towards advertising elsewhere to lead the first few customers in, and expanding from there.

Do people have any general advice, or suggestions of where a good place is to get myself known, and hopefully bring in more customers to the fiverr community in doing so?

Best Regards,


Hi Matt!

I don’t get an INSANE amount of orders anymore, so I may not be the best person to advise, but: when I was getting many many orders a week at the start of my Fiverr career (Level Two, 3-4 orders a week), it all was because of the initial 5-star reviews I obtained. Once you have a 5-star rating, with past buyers backing your work with confidence, individuals will be super likely to purchase from you, too. As long as you do a great job on your first 2-3 orders, you’ll be all set!

I would take a look at the Buyer Requests and send as many as you can per day, with a nice cover letter explaining your experience and outlining your proposed price. Using this tool now gets me almost all of my orders, and helped me starting out as well.

Best of luck, and welcome!


Hi Hannah,

Thanks for the reply! I’m definitely going to look into doing a lot of buyer requests, this sounds like very helpful advice. I suppose it’s the simplest way to get the first few customers and the way to start out and get those reviews in before trying to expand to customers finding you.