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New seller but account is old

I made my seller account in 2015 but freelancing was not my priority back then. Now I wonder, if I keep using this account, will it affect my rating or search ranking based on old account and no sales so far. Is it a good idea to keep this account?


You won’t know it until you try, there’s no guarantee either way.

What could cause your problems, though, is stating in your gig description that you offer original design, but using templates as gig images.


Yes. Your username sounds cool,

Like you I created my account in 2016, but only started selling in January 2019 and today I am on the first page in the search results for some keywords

Search rankings are determined by a number of factors unknown and known but am not sure there is anything to do with the account age.

Create the perfect gig - keyword reach gig, get good ratings and feedback, show Fiverr that you can make them money and maybe, just maybe you may rank high.

But, if you choose not to keep it. Deactivate this account before creating a new one. ToS.
Have a relevant keyword in the username of the new account.


You don’t have any reviews so its good to start working from the same account rather than closing this and creating a new one.

Gig ranking and other things depends on many factors so you can start working hard and you surely will soon get your first order.