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New seller but didn't get any order

I’ve had fiber for the last two months. But I haven’t received any orders so far. Can anyone give me some advice on how to get an order? I have requested about eighty buyers but so far no one has contacted me. Please help me with your valuable advice.


Good day. Increase your activities and regular send buyer request. I hope you receive order very soon…


I am new on fiver. Now i am doing hard work for getting my first order.please cheak out my gig and give me feedback

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welcome to Fiverr community Forum

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Hey there! The freelance world of Fiverr is difficult and can definitely be frustrating. There’s obviously no one way to success but here are some links that might help you make your gig as good as possible :slight_smile:

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This link below has summarized many valuable forum posts, so you can check that out and read the ones that are applicable to you:
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Last but not least regarding the buyer requests. From what I have learned it’s definitely not the main source of acquiring orders. However, the possibility of receiving one through there is definitely real. So with that being said, make sure the buyer requests you send stand out and also communicate to the buyer that you have actually read their request. Include their (user)name, instead of a generic ‘hi sir/madam/dear’. Furthermore, make sure you clarify that you understand what the buyer is asking & how you are the right person for that job. It’s also important I think that you don’t write too much (e.g. don’t include redundant information) but also not too little (this sends a signal that you don’t actually really care about acquiring their business). Lastly, your grammar of course has to be impeccable, but that goes without saying.

What I’ve said here isn’t by all means all-encompassing, but I hope it helps you a bit. Good luck! :smiley:


If you want feedback on your gig(s) you should make your own post in the “Improve My Gig” category instead of using another person’s post to do so. It would be best if you read the Fiverr Forum Guidelines. :arrow_down:


Hello please! Kindly educate me on how to send request to buyers

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Sure, Read carefully any buyer request and write what you do, how can do, mention budget and perfect time what Clint want etc…

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@talktopaul At the top you see a ‘more’ button if you click that, you then can see the words ‘buyer requests’. Once you click that, you’ll see active buyer requests and you can click on ‘make an offer’. Keep in mind though that if your response rate is below 90% you might not see any of those requests (occasionally you might see one). Hope this helps!

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Grow your skills, active on fiverr and share your gigs and be patient.

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