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New seller: Can I cancel order?


I just got a gig and I am not comfortable with what the seller is asking me to do. Gig is to leave reviews on iTunes. I just wanted to save up $20-$30 to pay for my own gigs I need. Buyer wants me to leave 25 posts all basically bashing me for posting fake reviews and asking iTunes to crack down on fake reviews. Any suggestions for a newbie?


Are you Offering this type of Gig ?


Gig is for 5 reviews. Buyer bought 5 x 5.


Ok so you should explain this to buyer and be polite.
Explain as much as you can.
And also try to explain everything and clearly in gig description to avoid confusion.

And yes you can ask for mutual cancellation
But if you are new, it will be best to clear everything with buyer and do your best to please him/her.


Thanks. This buyer is very angry that he can even DO this (and after this experience I am OUT - gig is gone). I don’t think he is going to just say “nah”. Should I just send a note and close my account? I never anticipated this.


Buyer wants me to write that I have no conscience. How can I fulfill this order??


I have already taken down the gig. Just trying to figure out how to handle this order. ACK!


So there apparently isn’t a mechanism for a seller to cancel delivery of a gig I am assuming. Try to amicably reason with the man who wants me to post 25 times that I have no conscience…oh boy.


Oh very bad situation
You can cancel or refund the order. open the order page and there will be section on right side stated- “Are you having an issue completing this order?” this is where you can do it. Click on “Resolve Now” and follow the necessary steps.