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New Seller, Can I send buyers to my website?

If not, can I attach a file to my fiverr invoice?

No - you can’t send buyers to your website either by giving them a URL or by attaching a file.

If you do, and Fiverr catches you, they will shut your account.


Okay, cheers.
What goes in the “requirements” as “free text”?

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It’s where your buyers can add text if you want them to e.g. their name etc.

You might want to rethink having celebrity images on your gig BTW. :wink:


Thanks for your advice.
Re requirements field. I don’t need any requirements but it wont let me leave them blank?
re celebrity pics: whys that? Im pretty sure they are royalty free.

You’ve got to have something for the buyer to say that they’ve given you their requirements - it could just be a checkbox for them to tick to say they’re happy with the fact you’re going to send them a file.

Celebrity pictures are usually anything but royalty free - you could get into serious trouble if you pick the wrong celebrity/photo to link with your gig. Do you have their permission for you to associate them with whatever it is you’re selling? If not, you could end up in hot water.


Cheers I have deleted the celebrity pics.
Re this requirements field. The only thing I require is the money! Can you give me the skinny on this requirement field, im totally confused. I would very much like to attach a file to their invoice. Is that not the procedure?

Magic Mike,

If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to read Fiverr TOS, before you get started. :pineapple:


No - they send you the requirements and then you deliver your file via the order page.


Thanks heaps for your help! I read the TOS I think i get it.what sorts of things are usually in the requirements field? I am totally new to this site and the whole concept.

Here you go:


I have most of the pages sorted…In the “answer type” there is an "Attached file " answer.
Does that mean i can send them an attached file? So I would need their email address?

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No - the attached file is if you want your buyer to attach a file with their order requirements.

Nothing can be done by email.

You’re going to deliver their file from the order page, which you can only do after they’ve given you some sort of requirement.


but I just require the dollars and some way to send a file

You need to read the links you’ve been sent - they give you all the info you need.

Might be a good idea to make a small purchase as a buyer so you can see how the process works.


Yeah I did! it all happened so fast and was complicated I got into a fight!
Can you tell me how to view my gig in search results? other than trawling through all the pages.?

It may take a couple of days for your gig to show up in the search - then you just type in whatever you want to search for.

You might want to use a picture of yourself minus the baseball cap - I’m sure it would look better to potential buyers if they could see your flowing locks. :wink:


thanks will do.
I usually shave my head as it supposedly looks better, because i suffered from falling hair, but not anymore.
Maybe I need to highlight the concept of my gig a bit more.
Thanks heaps for your help. you rock.

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Thank you Eoin! :blush: